Time To Wake Up

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Sep 19

This week I invite you to wake up. To wake up and notice your feelings, start to pay more attention, attention to your thoughts, your actions, your feelings.


I had a whole load of things that showed up for me last week, and if I was in a place of just continuing to shut out my feelings I really think I would have started this week on a bad note too.


In essence this is what I have become pretty passionate about sharing, because I think it’s a huge problem for women is that not only do we hold so much in and just work away on trying to ‘just get on with it’, we don’t allow ourselves to look any deeper into what’s ‘really’ going on beneath the surface. The result of that, is that it just keeps on showing up time and time again because you choose to ignore it, rather than actually dealing with the feeling or thought.


This is why I have become such a HUGE fan of journaling. Writing things down really helps me to get clear on the constant barrage of things that run through my mind, and also the challenges and general BS that shows up for me on a daily basis.


I have said many times before, it’s not about changing our lives and the things that we have to deal with (sh!t will always show up), it’s more about how you choose to respond to life that is really key to more happiness.


Writing is an outlet that will allow you to fully and honestly express yourself, it allows you to get real, gain a little perspective and grounding but you get to do that in the comfort of your own private space and rather than in a place of confrontation.


Here’s the thing, when you feel that you are able to express yourself freely it has the capacity to let you ‘deal’ with what is going on, process it so that you are not constantly holding things inside. Also the fun thing is that it get’s to look like whatever you want it to look like. Heck most of my blog posts are actually a part of my own writing therapy (spelling mistakes and all).


Because holding anything in is never a good thing, it becomes almost like a pressure cooker of emotions and if you are not having an outlet, it can very easily lead to a blow out, usually when you are triggered by something or someone. That is when the slightest thing can show up and you find yourself blowing your lid.


Errrrr road rage anyone?!?!? We have all seen or maybe experienced road rage.


Is that complete outburst really just down to the fact that someone didn’t indicate when they should of done OR is it just an outlet for some pent up feelings??


So whatever it is that YOU are feeling right now, start to get it out of your head on down onto paper, because when you do that, then you can start taking action on it and that is when you start to notices the shift happening.


It doesn’t have to be long or indeed a dreary dear diary entry, just put pen to paper and go with the flow. Just notice what came up for you throughout the day, what went well, what didn’t go to plan, what can you do to move forward from that experience?


Play around with writing at different times of the day. I like to do mine first thing in the morning and relay what happened the previous day, then set my intentions for the day ahead. It helps me gain clarity, focus and to get shit done. I know many of my guys like to do it in the evening as it can take the chaos of the day out of your head and is especially useful if you struggle to switch off in the evenings and leave your work at work.


It doesn’t have to be complicated, or hard, just commit to doing it, start small and just see how you feel.


I know for me it helps with my motivation, to be more organised, to get way more done than ever before. Because through getting out of your head and down onto paper, you get to become your own cheerleader in life!!!




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