The Truth About Freedom

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Sep 11

What Does Freedom Mean To You?

As I started this year within a business coaching group I am in and we were asked to come up with a # for the year.
Mine was #freedom
We all want freedom right?
The freedom to make the choices that feel right for you.
The freedom to create what you want for your life.
The freedom to spend your time how you please?
We all have this crave for more freedom, with our time, our finances, our commitments.
This weekend I had a group of lovely ladies head over for my Unplugged retreat.
It’s when I am immersed in a retreat, I get to connect with them, share my passions of mindset, health and goal setting and of course, all in this incredible place I love so much.
This is when I am in my ultimate flow, that and when I am on coaching calls with my clients. I just love it, I get an incredible buzz from doing this work and seeing the difference it can make to peoples lives. This work fills me up to my absolute brim, I can almost burst with excitement and sheer joy of absolutely loving what I do.
Is it all ‘perfect’. Hell NO. I still have a very long way to go as I continue to build and grow these businesses, BUT experiencing these feelings is a reminder that I am on the right tracks.
On Thursday, just before my guests arrived I had some shit show up that I had to deal with, something that left me feeling not so great, questioning my judgement and decisions. It dampened my energy and I was feeling flat and generally pretty down on myself.
Yet over the weekend, and in fact as soon as the guys drew up on the drive way, my energy peaked as I remember how blessed I am to be able to do what I do. I was back on a high, super focused and ready to go head on in to all things retreat.
You can shift in a single moment and create more freedom when you decide to focus on something different.
Remember you have the #freedom to create your own thoughts. Because your THOUGHTS create your FEELINGS. Your FEELINGS create your BELIEFES, your BELIEFES shape your ACTIONS and your ACTIONS create your reality.
The the reality of your dreams simply starts with a shift in your thoughts. Do that and anything is possible.
Ready to start shaping your reality???
Then time is running out if you want to come and join the next intake on the Focused Mind, Fierce Body Formula.
Next Monday we begin digging in and start the shift to create more freedom in your life.
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