Are You Flaking Out Again ?!?!?!

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Sep 06

Stop Being So Flakey

This one may be a little ranty today, but I make no apologies for that.


Sometimes you need to hear the cold hard truth, I know I do. That’s why I work with coaches myself. Because I think we all need someone to call us out on our own bullsh!t.


Yes I do work with an approach of loving and feeling your way into things and all that jazz, but I also keep things very real and one of the things I see a lot of is people being flaky.


All talk and no action.


If you say you are going to do something, bloody well go and do it.!!


The fact that I said I was going to complete the endurance trifecta this year and haven’t done it is still grating on me, however that was out of my control. I’m not talking about you being out because of injury or maybe working on something and it not going to plan, there are reasons to course correct and take a different course of action.


I’m talking about the people who have an idea, often in the heat of the moment when they are on a high and feeling good. The decision to do something because they know it will help them to improve their life and their experiences, because it will be exciting and fulfilling. Yet when it comes to actually doing the work to get it done, it just seems a little too much like hard graft and all the dreams just fall flat.


I also understand that stuff shows up, life shows up and often we need to adapt and change, but just don’t give up on the things you said you wanted to do because you have to put in some work.


7 steps to stop flaking and start doing


1# Stop waiting for the perfect time. It’s doesn’t exist. The perfect time is right now, move things around, create time, get protective over your time and prioritise the things that matter to you and your goal.


2# Stop talking and start doing. If you say you are going to do something don’t just talk it, do it!! Stop being so full of fluff. Write that sh!t down and break it down so you know what you get to do on a daily basis to make it become a reality. Set a target and figure out how long you have to work with and create a plan.


3# Stop over complicating things. Flakiness is often caused by over complicating things, leading to overwhelm. Small actions add up to big results, just start taking those little steps and be more consistent.


4# Stop stressing about the things that you can’t change. Sh!t happens, life shows up. Don’t waste your energy on the things you cannot change, it just causes you to be frustrated, angry and usually pretty unhappy. Instead focus your energy on the things you CAN control.


5# Lose the attitude. If your being flaky about something it’s usually because 1, maybe it scares you a little bit and 2, you have bought into the belief that you can’t have it anyway no matter how hard you try. Fear and lack of self-belief can be paralysing, yet they are the exact same reason you are flaking out, again!!! So shift your mind-set, focus on what IS possible when you refuse to give up and yes, feel that fear and do it anyway!!


7# Do the important stuff first. When you set your commitment, decide on what are the most important steps to actually getting yourself there. Then do those things early in your day. Over the last few weeks I have allowed my priority to shift from my body and my self. I tell myself that I will workout later in the day. For me that just doesn’t happen, I simply have to commit to morning workouts or I just find an excuse not to do them. So if it’s important to you, find a way to do it early in the day it will help you physically and mentally to get sh!t done early doors, feeling on fire and focused and this sets up the rest of your day.


8# Get support – I’m not even telling you to come and work with me (although of course I would love to support you CLICK HERE to find out how) just get help from someone, anyone!! Not only will getting support help you create the results with more ease, but it will also give you a level of accountability. A reminder to you, to keep on showing up when you feel like giving up. Even if you just do it as a group of friends. Then when your friend speaks up to support and push you, don’t just ignore them.


I’ll just leave you with this quote today


“Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do, long after the mood you said it in has left you”


If you are ever really going to make it happen you have to get committed.


Emma ‘Get Committed’ Colsey-Nicholls


PS – This email may or may not have been written with a few people in mind who are just in need of a little Colsey butt kicking 😉

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