Because Life Is Too Short To Say No To Chocolate – Sugar Free Recipe

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Aug 23

Sugar Free Chocolate Bomb Recipe

I posted on my Instagram stories the other day about making my best batch yet of chocolate bombs. As the true lazy chef that I am, I don’t use real measurement tools and guestimate everything. I now have the challenge of recreating them again at that same delicious consistency ready for my retreat guys.


The key is to ensure that you don’t over-do it with the Cacao powder as that makes them a little bit on the bitter side, though quite possibly I have made them too good this time, so it’s a little too easy to eat more than one. Oops! Sorry, not sorry!


As I got quite a few requests asking for the recipe, so, I thought I would do a full post to share with you guys, but also state the reason behind these high fat, low sugar treats and why they can be the perfect solution to help with your cravings.


So these take literally 3 ingredients in equal parts (just increase measurements if you want to make more), melt all inredients into a pan and mix. After melting pour into ice cube trays (I particularly like the heart shaped ones) and leave in the freezer to set. Yes, it’s that easy, literally a 10 min job.


4tbs Cocoa Powder

4 tbs Coconut Oil

2 tbs Organic good quality Peanut or Almond butter


These beauts are high in fat but LOW in sugar, which falls in line with the Ketogenic Diet guidelines. It seems to me that everything I read lately is talking about the Ketogenic Diet, it’s amazing results in terms of weight loss, but also health benefits of eating a diet that is high in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbohydrates. I know for anyone who has ever done weight watchers or slimming world it’s strange to get your head around but remember fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar and simple carbohydrates make you fat.


Low carb is nothing new since Atkins became a hit way back when. Yet I had some resistance coming up against following through with a full on keto diet. I was in the belief it was too restrictive for me, and something so restrictive is never going to work in the long term (keto recommends that no cheat/off days allowed). What no beer!!!! That will never do ha ha!


BUT, I have been working with the concepts and creating a way that this shift Macro ratio to fit in with my life and still bring in the results I am looking for, whilst also allowing myself a beer every now and then. As I sit here munching on my daily dose of chocolate (because life is too short to not eat chocolate ever again) and my top is falling down because it’s now a little on the big side, and I’m not even exercising at full force at the minute!!


This post isn’t even about me telling you that what I am doing right now will work for you too. Not every diet works for every person, we are all physiologically very different. That’s why we all have that friend who can eat a whole loaf of bread with a mars bar on top and not gain a pound, yet you only have to look at a cream cake and have gained half a stone.


I know me too, it’s not fair is it??


This is why I am completely re-vamping the nutrition guidelines within the Focused Mind Fierce Body Formula and creating a guide that is specific to YOU.


We will be delving into your past and together discovering the right nutrition and workout program that is for your individual needs, because quite simply you are amazingly are unique.


While most diets work in the short term, it’s the making them last that is the sticking point, because it has to match your metabolic profile and because lets face it, you want to still have a life right rather than constantly counting points and calories for the rest of your life?? Zzzzzzzzz, boring!!


There will be specific guides and a series of self tests to go through it’s essentially a process of self discovery that is going to empower you to take back control of your life and your eating habits and break free from being stuck in a rut with your body.


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Emma ‘Chocolate Lover’ Colsey-Nicholls


PS – Let me know what you think of the chocolate bombs when you try them out. I know I am too good to you lot 😉

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