Because The Sun May Not Always Shine

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Aug 18

While I would love to feed you the illusion that the weather here is always glorious sunshine, the really truth is that the weather in the mountains can be varied and it can also change pretty quickly and I love that the mountains have their own powers that should always be respected and as any good girl guide, ‘should always be prepared’, or was that the Scouts?? I don’t know, I never was one.


Anyway, the point that I was making is that the weather here can change. Whilst this week we are once again enjoying 27-degree temperatures and paddling at the lakes to keep cool, last week was a different story.


It rained, it actually rained a lot. The mountains are incredible in all weathers and while as I may have mentioned before, my friend once told me, that there is no such things as bad weather, just bad clothing. And in fact a walk in the rain feels incredibly cleansing. We need the rain to keep these spectacular hillsides a lush colour of green that they are and nourish their growth.


There is still so much to do here even on rainy days if you don’t necessarily feel like getting cleansed to the bone on a rainy hike.


Last week we ventured over the Swiss boarder just a 60-minute drive away, to visit one of the many Thermal Spa’s available in the area.


I had visited this particular one some 12 years ago and it has changed somewhat since then as a complete new Spa building has now been built.



An oasis of wellbeing that is nestled in at the foot of the mountains with amazing views surrounding, spending a day in hot pools, cold pools, saunas and steam rooms was absolute bliss and just what my body needed.


The Outdoor thermal river is the one heated by the natural thermals that come up from the ground and so is a little cooler than the other pools that are heated to 35 degrees.


Though cooler, a swim through the thermal river felt revitalising and the natural sulphurs and minerals such as magnesium (not to mention the eggy smell for real authenticity) left my skin feeling incredible and wow, I slept well that night.


There is the option to add in lunch and also a full range of treatments are offered and so it was clear to me that a trip to the Thermal Spa is an fantastic solution should we get a particularly rainy day when you come to join us on retreat.



Our first choice would always to be to get you out on the mountains exploring and immersing in nature, though this is a great plan B option to have.


Since I posted some pictures I have had many requests from those who are already booked to come and join us on our next retreats to go and visit this place during their stay.


I have another Spa I want to test out first, which has even better reviews (I know a gruelling job, but someone has to do it). So rest assured, whatever the weather you will not be disappointed with a retreat with us. Just be sure to pack your sun cream too!!!




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