Dream Trips & Making It Happen

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Aug 10

I am a firm believer that absolutely anything is possible if you remain committed to the things you say you want in your life.


Some other things I believe in are


Working hard at something you love

Doing a good job

Being a kind and decent human being

Taking time for yourself

Self-growth and development

The benefits of nature and being outdoors

Nourishing your body to support it with natural foods, lots of water and regular exercise


And these are all the elements I aim to bring to our health and wellbeing retreats and to help you realise that the retreat you REALLY want to go on, is well within your grasp with a little planning and focus.


You can download the planner page by clicking HERE.


Travel Planner with notes

While it’s pretty self-explanatory I wanted to walk you through a few of the key elements and how you can break it down in a simple process.


  1. So first off what is the date of the event that you want to go on? Stick it in the space, simples!!


  1. Next ask yourself why this trip is important to you?? Maybe you are ready for some personal growth, maybe it is a reward to yourself for working so hard on that new promotion, of for finally getting closer to your body goals, maybe you need a shift in your focus as you are honouring that your body is feeling stressed and would benefit from some time out. You know your reasons, so take the moment to connect with them.


  1. Next break down the costs, figure out what is included, what extra’s and spending money you will need to consider and are there any extra costs such as new clothing and/or equipment required?


  1. Do a little research, get excited and have a look around at the type of things you can do while you are there and decide on what you want to make an essential part of your trip.


  1. Get your total and workout how many months are left until the departure date. Divide the total cost by the number of months remaining, giving you your figure that you need to save/create each month.


  1. Then you get to ask yourself the all important question, what can I do to create this each month for myself? Look at creating this rather than having to dip into savings or putting it onto your credit card.


I love doing this process as it gets me excited about the things that I can create when I put my mind to it.


Could you??


# Have a clear out and sell some of your old goodies on a selling site like eBay. Last time I did this I made £500 on things I never even hardly wore!! Bonus that was my trip completely paid for in one go?


#Side hustle – Could you boost or even create a side hustle separate from your normal job to increase your income. I love the age of the internet that you can generate income pretty easily without having to even leave your house, you just gotta figure out what it is that you want to do. What are you good at that someone would be willing to pay you for??


#Knock the Starbucks on the head – Ok so it doesn’t have to be forever!! But saving on that £3.50 a day on a mega locha mocha whatever (I have no idea what they are called but you see where I am going) £3.50 x 5 x 52 means that over a year, you could save a whopping £910 a year. That could be a HUGE chunk of your trip sorted. And that goes for takeaways too, you don’t need me to tell you that cooking at home can save you a small fortune and make some additional improvements to your health.


Those are just a few ideas, it’s amazing what else may come up for you when you start to think outside the box.


I hope this post has got your creative juices flowing and excited about planning your next trip. Because lets face it, who doesn’t love having an amazing holiday to look forward to?? If it has then please share this post with other wanderlust wannabes.


CLICK HERE to get access to our Retreat priority list and also access the travel planner download and starts getting fired up for your next adventure.

Emma xx


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