Date Days And Finding The Motivation To Create Your Best Life

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Aug 08

Last week my husband and I set off on our first date day alone in quite some time.


When you are busy with work and kids it can be hard to fit in time to do much else, but setting time out for yourselves is a big part of filling your own cup up first.


You know the saying ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’. You have to fill up your own cup first if you are going to be able to give more in your life, and get more in return.


When you have goals, dreams and aspirations to be able to live your very best life, you can get caught up in the day to day hustle and grind of wanting to do a good job, be a success and drag up a couple of kids along the way. So while you are push, push, pushing, you forget to actually slow down and live in the moment.


And I do believe in working hard, it defiantly has its place…


BUT the down time, the time out, to stop, breathe and connect with yourself and other people is also HUGE, that’s what life is really about and was such a turning point for me in my process. My focus on working on my business a little TOO much almost cost me my marriage!!


Fast-forward to today and I still have to make a conscious effort to set time aside, I can very easily stay work focused, but now it’s something that I am far more aware of. When you have conscious awareness of something, then you start to have the power to be able to create change.


So last week we used our date day as a motivational tool. You see we had the task of getting the accounts up to date, it’s seriously one of the worst jobs we have to do and too often put it off for so long that the job gets even bigger and even more disgustingly boring, zzzzzzzz (yes I know!! something I am working on)


We are all guilty of putting things off, procrastinating doing literally anything you can to avoid that specific task. Whether for you it’s putting off your workouts, starting eating better again, putting yourself out there in the world of work, whatever it is that makes you a little uncomfortable. Think about what reward tool could you start using to motivate you on a daily basis?


You see motivation is a bit of a myth. It’s not something that some of us were born with, motivation is something that YOU create. What gets you up and out of bed in the morning may be very different to what motivates me.


So ask yourself what does motivates you? What CAN you get excited about?


Your body, your health, money, a job, freedom, a holiday, a house, happiness, love, life, adventure??


Decide on the things you want more of in your life and use them as your motivation to get sh!t done. Do the work so that you can then also have the time to breathe.


Your amazing life really is waiting for you to go and create it for yourself.


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