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Aug 01

Because Kids Are Our Future

Parenting can be tough at the best of times but as I am continually working on my own mindset I became increasingly aware of the behaviours of children that I would come in contact with as well as look at what is going on when my own kids start acting up, and believe me they are far from angels.


We all want our children to grow up to become happy, confident and kind human beings, but I have to admit that I think it’s becoming harder and harder to make that happen.


Now I’m no Nanny McPhee and yes I blow my top more than I would like to admit BUT I have become far more aware about the language I use and the way in which I speak to my kids, especially when I am trying to get them to actually listen to me. It’s defiantly work in progress, but work I feel is worth doing because hey, kids really are our future. Cue cheesy song and start swaying your arms in the air!!


I made the decision to be more mindful about the type of books I was reading with the kids. I remember watching Horrid Henry on TV and thinking, what the hell is this program about?? That child truly is horrid, and what is this teaching to our kids about the type of behaviour that is acceptable??


So when I saw ‘The Clever Tykes’ were looking for people to read and review their books I jumped at the opportunity to test out some good quality kids books.


These books aim to give kids good role models and encourage enterprise. The message encourages the reader to think about and create opportunities for themselves, which I really loved as my eldest Clayton is a little obsessed with pocket money right now. To spark his little imagination about how he could possibly create more money from his actions is an exciting prospect for him.


I particularly enjoyed that Walk It Willow used her initiative to take something she enjoyed (walking dogs) and turned it into her own little business. An essential lesson for us all. Follow your passions and work out how to turn that into a service people want to use.


The books are aimed at 6-9 year olds and are really easy to read which I enjoyed as my 3 year old was listening along, though the books are not colourful enough to hold his attention for too long, but were thoroughly enjoyed my by 7 year old. As we discussed the books once they were finished he made note of their ability to solve problems, and in a calm and logical way, may I add.


Wonderful books for parents and teachers alike and I also enjoyed watching Jodie’s Ted talk as she talks passionately about bringing enterprise education into the mainstream. You can see her talk HERE and also see more about the books and order your copy HERE .


Some other books I have enjoyed, mainly from Dr Wayne Dwyer are listed below. These books instil a positive attitude towards everything that kids have to deal with in the modern world.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 15.59.23



I hope you enjoy these suggestions and please share this article with other positive minded parents. Plus if you have some reading suggestions of your own then please post them in the comments so we can share with our readers.


Emma ‘For The Kids’ Colsey-Nicholls



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