Jul 31

I Failed........

Yes, I am once again writing about my failures, but more importantly why I’m proud of them. Because I believe it’s better to have tried and failed, than to have lived a life of never trying at all.


I see so many people putting off the things they want for their life, for fear of failing and it maybe not turning out the way they had hoped.


A couple of weeks ago was the BIG event of the ultra beast, that’s a marathon distance obstacle race!!! So no easy feat and something I had been training for, for quite some time. It’s the one I had my sights on, it was the biggest challenge I had ever set myself, I was feeling confident, I was geared up, I was ready to tackle it and take home that medal.


On the day the great British weather was at it’s absolute best by being truly miserable, heavy rain, strong winds a tough course with very uneven terrain. I knew it was going to be a challenge but I had felt ready for it.


Or maybe not so. I had pulled my knee 3 weeks earlier on the Morzine beast and it turns out that I hadn’t had enough recovery between races. An hour into the ultra at about 6k in, I went over on my ankle it pulled my knee once more.


Initially the pain was bearable, I found a way to hobble along in almost a skipping type of motion. The flats and uphill’s were fine, I was just getting the sharp pain on the downhills.


I managed to carry on for an additional 24k and another 6 hours. By this time the pain had got intense and now not just on the downhill, every step I was holding back the tears as it was hurting so much. Well at one point not so much holding them back, in fact I was a full on blubbering mess.


But alas I had to admit defeat, the pain was too much and I just couldn’t go on anymore.


But you see having a winning mindset isn’t about winning every race. It’s about being able to look at the failures and learn from them to come back bigger and better next time around.


If you only ever win, you would be like being that spoilt rich kid that has only ever known wealth and never appreciates anything.


Failure teaches you your weaknesses, it shows you how to become stronger both physically and mentally. It teaches you how to deal with the shit. It teaches you humility and gratitude and it makes the wins even more worthwhile when you do achieve them.


If you are only ever winning is it possible that your not really pushing yourself to your full potential?


Endurance events are like when you decide to go the distance in anything in life. It will show you up on your shit, it will teach you the things that need to change.


So for me I know where the gaps were with my training and what I need to work on for next time and to prevent injury and ensure I cross that finish line.


I am taking the rest of the year to recover and will not be racing again this year. While I am disappointed about this, it will give me the space to re-group and come back stronger for next season.


So my question to you today is where has the shit shown up for you recently and you felt like throwing in the towel?? Is it with your body goals, your relationships, your career??


Then, no matter how crappy it has made you feel, ask yourself, what is the lesson that this experience is teaching you??


Failure is not a reason to give up, it’s just an opportunity for you to grow.


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Emma ‘Get Up And Go Again’ Colsey-Nicholls



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