Information Overload Got You Like…….. Arghhhhhhhh!!!

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Jun 27

We live in an incredible time that I feel so lucky to be alive in.


It’s exciting, with the age of the internet the world is so much more accessible, as is knowledge.


Everything you ever wanted to know is but a google search away.


Yet with the constant barrage of information that comes into us daily, it seems that rather than being of use to us, there is just too much information and it just leaves us feeling stressed and confused.


The next best diet, track your macros, go plant based, go keto it’s all so stressful and confusing especially when we realise that what may work for one person does absolutely diddly squat for you and either way it’s just too damn hard to stick to.


There are so many courses to have the opportunity to go on, online, uni, independent training providers which one is best? And which path do you really want to continue down to change up your career?


Information overload, ahhhhhhhhhh!! You go from feeling like you know what you want, to next minute feeling like you are in a whirlwind and don’t know which way to turn.


“I know to calm myself back down I’ll just avoid the overwhelm and have a bottle of wine and do nothing instead!!! Ahhh, that’s better”


Problem is, as much as we all love to have a drink or eat too much of the sweet and tasty stuff, it doesn’t really solve anything does it??


To be able to start navigating your way through the haze, coming back to journaling has been a comforting tool to allow me to create space. You move away from the mess and can get honest with yourself, connect to yourself and align with what it is that ‘feels’ right for you.


It’s an opportunity for you to get real with yourself, ask better questions, move away from the mess and the stress and start to create more clarity.


Create an awareness of the issues that are relevant to you and discover ways to work through them.


At first it can feel uncomfortable and getting into the habit of writing all your deepest secrets down onto paper can bring up some resistance not to mention raw emotions.


But I know the more I practice it, the more freedom I feel. I feel more aligned with who I am, what I want and feel the empowering ability to deal with anything that is thrown my way.


As we have been working through the framework of the ‘Get Your Sh!t Together’ Life planner your daily journal entry is the next part to the process. I just use plane lined paper and each day add it into my ring binder.


There are many formats to follow for journaling and feel free to go in search of the one that works for you. Though to avoid more information overload here is my process.


I generally What went well? What could have gone better? What do I want to do to create something different moving forward?


I will write my intentions for the day including my workouts and then highlight something that I am feeling grateful for and a mantra or positive affirmation that I want to work with for that day to fire me up.

write my entries first thing in the morning just before completing my daily focus sheet. I will look back at the previous day in retrospect and review my day.

I then follow this up by completing my daily focus and time block out my day.


This helps me to feel aligned, organised and generally a little bit more kick ass each morning as I set about my day.


This is what works for me, but with journaling there are no rules, this is a process for YOU and you get to make it look like whatever the hell you want it to look like.


Have fun with it, use it to off load, gain perspective and to get clear as you propel yourself forward.


The more you do it the more you will benefit and actually start to enjoy the process, I know that’s how it was for me.


I enjoyed the feeling of being more focused, less stressed, I felt lighter and more effective with my day.


I would love to know how you are getting on with this process. Comment below and let me know where you are at with your planner and journaling. Even if you have slipped off, this is your call and opportunity to come back to it and try again.


Emma ‘Just Write’ Colsey-Nicholls


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