It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Jun 26

I seriously love the process of coaching people. Through delivering the content for the life planner so many of you have reached out, either in the free group or have messaged me privately.


Life can be tough at times, we all have our shit that we have to deal with and it can feel lonely, like you are the only one stuck in your struggle.


And no one likes to be the moaning mini, ok well some people do, BUT, I know you guys like to remain positive, you want to put on a brave face but inside you sometimes feel like banging your head against a brick wall, you get tired of having to remain strong all of the time.


So I want you to know, that whatever it is that you are dealing with right now, is here to teach you something. It’s a big ole sign from the universe that something needs your attention, it needs you to work out a way to get over and grow from it.


Do you find the same problems cropping up over and over again?? Yep, there the universe goes again, that big a$$ pain in your behind.


Although it can suck pretty bad, if you commit to learning and moving through the resistance you will come out the other side feeling like a complete badass.


It’s no miracle, it will take some work, but inner work on yourself is not only incredibly powerful, it’s also very rewarding.


Growth is inevitable we all go through the process of change, yet when you get intentional and start to open up your awareness to what is really going on beyond the surface level, the process can be a lot quicker and actually a lot less painful.


So when the shit shows up in life ask yourself:


What is the reoccurring habit/thought/behavior?

What past experience could this be related to?

What do I get to learn from this experience?

What actions can I take moving forward to create a different result?


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