We Need Someone Just Like You

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Jun 07

Your Dreams Matter


When I say this I almost feel the urge to want to SHOUT IT out in your face.


Because, as I say it, I can almost see in your face, you too would love to believe this statement, yet deep down you just can’t see how that can possibly happen for you.


Because you have your stories:


You don’t have the time, the money, the know how to make any of it come together, you don’t even really know what you want!!


Yet you have a feeling, deep down, of wanting something a little more than you are experiencing right now.


This takes me back to that Friends episode, the one where Chandler realises that he is the only one if the group that doesn’t like his job. So as a result he quits his job doing data entry (or whatever boring mindless job it was) and goes and get’s an unpaid internship with a marketing firm.


You see it doesn’t matter what job it is that you want, BUT, we all deserve to do something that we really enjoy doing.


You spend the best part of your life at work, why would you CHOOSE to do something that makes you miserable.


Because it pays??


Because it’s comfortable??


Look I’m not telling you to go and quit your job BUT I am telling you to start thinking about the options. What else is possible? What job would you really love??


And it’s the same with the other areas of your life.


What type of exercise do you enjoy doing?

What foods do you love to eat?

Where would you like to travel to?

What would you love to experience?

Who are your most inspiring people who you just LOVE spending time with?


It’s not all going to magically appear overnight, but if you don’t create the dream in the first place, it’s probably going to never happen at all.


So deciding on the dream is the very first step to actually bringing it into some sort of reality.


I remember back to when I first started teaching aerobics style classes and doing my very first grapevine some 12 (ish) years ago.


After those first few months I had decided that one day I was going to have my own fitness studio. I don’t even know where it came from, because back then it was all about the big chain gyms.


No one was doing studio type fitness venues (well not as many as there are right now). I had no idea how I would make it happen, I had no idea how to run a business, heck I can’t spell very well and I’m pretty rubbish at maths, it was simply just a dream.


I would think about this amazing community that I would create and the type of sessions I would do, the freedom I would have and how I would make it like no other gym out there because it would be about people and actually supporting them on their fitness journey rather than just being another clueless body in a gym.


So when the opportunity arose (otherwise known as when shit hit the fan) I was faced with a choice.


Walk away from the few years I had spent building up a client base and take some maternity leave and come back to it all once I had my first child.


OR stick two fingers up, because there was no way I was giving up on the dream that I had started to build.


So at 8 months pregnant I went in search of a venue and set about setting up my own pole and fitness studio which I then opened with a new baby in tow.


Did it all run smoothly? Hell no!!


Would I do things differently if I was to do it again? Probably




I had the time of my life.


I created a place that I loved, and that people loved coming to.


Because that is what having a life that you are in love with is all about.


Being able to get up in the morning and feeling excited about what the day can bring, feeling motivated, feeling fulfilled, filling like you are doing something that matters, it’s all about YOU and figuring out the stuff that makes you light up on the inside.


I came to connect with the things that were important to me, things like happiness, connection, travel, fun, adventure, challenges, people and of course fitness.


I loved my 6 years with my studio and actually would be very happy if I was still there.


BUT the dream changed, it got bigger and even more amazing.


And now here I am in the Alps coaching people online and creating awesome fitness retreats where I get to share this amazing place and helping women to their own badass lives.


This isn’t about me bragging, I simply want to show you the power of connecting with your dreams.


Because if I can do it, then heck!!!!! The YOU can too.


You dream will probably look very different to mine, but the point is…..


Are you even connecting with it?? Do you even know what you want??


Because if you aren’t then, NO, it probably isn’t possible.


The very first step in getting more of what you want, is to start dreaming about what it is that you would actually like your life to look like.


So if you haven’t already make sure you get your copy of the ‘Get Your Shit Together’ Life planner CLICK HERE.


Then tomorrow we are going to be completing the dream map page. Over in the FREE group I will be walking you through a visualisation to help you answer the above questions and start to imagine what you want your life to look like.


Because the world really needs someone just like you.


Emma ‘Keep The Dream Alive’ Colsey-Nicholls

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