#Life Hack – How To Turn Your I CAN’T Into ‘HOW CAN I?’

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Jun 05

#Life Hack - How To Turn Your I CAN'T Into 'HOW CAN I?'

It’s easy to lose focus on the things that are most important in your life because of stress, time, money, and a bazillion other commitments you have as a hard working woman in todays world.


Society and the ‘current situation’, just ‘LIFE’ in general are constantly pulling you in every direction and life at times, can feel out of control.


The result is that you choose to say no to things in a bid to stay exactly where it’s ‘comfortable’, where it’s easy to just keep on plodding along as you are.


You know you really want to lose a few pounds so that you can feel more confident and gaining more energy, but you tell yourself, I CAN’T because I don’t have the time to commit and plus I really deserve that bottle of wine it’s been a really rough week!!


You really want to go on a little holiday just for you, because you know it will help you to feel so amazingly refreshed, BUT I CAN’T, because I can’t really afford it, plus it’s selfish to take time away from the kids and have a holiday without them.


You really want to feel more connected with your partner, enjoy time together and actually have sex once in a while, but I’CANT because I feel too self conscious and I don’t even know where to start with him so I’ll just keep on putting it off, it’s easier that way.


Where in your life right now are you saying NO to life???


I know there have been many times I have experienced the feelings above and it makes you feel like crap.


Unworthy, stuck in struggle and always left feeling that you want and are capable of more yet it can feel like a battle and fight that you just don’t have the time for right now.


And in all honesty I do still get these same feelings crop up, I don’t think we ever come immune to the feeling of not being enough.




Now I am able to really notice the feeling of I CAN’T and lean into it, because anything IS possible. We know the word itself is I’M POSSIBLE, the trick is turning the I CAN’T statement into a question of – HOW CAN I make this possible?


Use those cant’s and start to use them as your inspiration, little challenges for yourself to work a way to make it happen!!


Start by creating the dream.


What does it look like??


What does it feel like?


What can your do more of as a result?


Why do you even care about it in the first place?


That first step in starting to create some clarity around what exactly it is that you DO want in EVERY area of your life.


We as human beings have an innate need to want to be loved, to want to be successful, to want to feel safe.


And these are very personal things, they will be very different someone else’s want’s and needs are so this process is very much about leaning in and listening to YOU!!


What DO you want for your life??


Because we were all put here on this earth for a reason. To live and enjoy the life you have to the absolute maximum.


You were not put here to simply just exist. Life was meant to be awesome!!!!


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Emma ‘Your Dreams Matter’ Colsey-Nicholls


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