Relax & Revive Retreat | Here’s What Happened

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May 17

Relax & Revive Retreat | Here's What Happened


So we have just had our Relax & Revive weekend retreat, and what a weekend it was!!!


This retreat was an opportunity for the people coming to be able to just take a step away.


Away from their busy lives to allow the space to come and connect with themselves and connect with nature, as they were certainly all very giddy upon arrival 😉


The feedback has been incredible, during the weekend their would be talks of just feeling open and free as they got to indulge in the beauty of the mountains.
After the morning yoga inspired movement session and mini meditation, we set out for a hike around Lac Montriond, as we got around the far side of the lake soaking up the beauty of the bright green waters we then started to head up hill towards Ardent.



This is a gradual incline up towards Ardent and a beautiful trail through the tree’s. After stopping for a spot of lunch and enjoying sitting in the sunshine, we then started to climb a little steeper as we headed up towards goat village. This section was a little more challenging, but one that the group revelled in, and the feeling of accomplishment as they made it to their destination and had an obligatory picture before heading back down.

IMG_2262 IMG_2273




We made it back just at the perfect timing as the heavens opened and the rain came down. And it came down heavy, it was actually really refreshing after a long walk.


Heading back to the chalet where it was time to relax those achy legs and enjoy a soak in the hot tub IMG_2276and sauna and general chill out time before evening meal later that evening.



The food all freshly prepared by our chef was truly amazing and the plates scraped clear at every single meal, the food went down particularly well.



Showing that clean eating is anything but boring. This was also an opportunity for the group to look at and asses portion sizes. As we get busy in our every day lives we often eat without thinking and be constantly taking on food throughout the day and with portion sizes bigger than we really need.


Retreat was not only a break for the mind and body but also for the digestive system, almost like a mini detox. As the body is unburdened from constantly trying to process all that we put into it. Instead we removed a lot of the biggest triggers and inflammatory foods and worked on supporting the body through good quality foods and hydration.


We used flavoured waters and herbal tea’s which all got guzzled down over the weekend and the detox water and teas went down particularly well.



On the Saturday we had a mix of activities as some of the group had requested a more challenging walk, and of course I obliged. So while some were taking that additional time out with their feet up and head in a book, they had also booked in for some additional beauty treatments, others set off for a flatter woodland walk and then I took the others up for a shorter but a little more intense hike up a mountain.


In all honesty my calves were already feeling it from the previous day and now an extra little challenge as we headed upwards once more. Though after a chillout and pamper afternoon and evening it seems did the trick for the others as I was the only one that was sore.



The feeling of burn on the legs is somewhat satisfying, especially as you turn back around to check out the view.


Every time we looked back something else would catch our attention and the views would seem to change, and in fact the pictures really don’t do it the justice it deserves, the Alps are always a sight that is better soaked up in real life.. As we reached the tops there was still some snow on the ground which made it a fun little challenge and then to make it even more special we had the incredible sight of an eagle circling overhead as we reach the summit.

IMG_2326 IMG_2302


We looked up in awe of his beauty and size, he was huge!!! It’s just incredible to see such a magnificent bird out in it’s natural habitat, hunting for food and soaring through the bright blue skies.


It’s at moments like this when you just drop all of your cares and worries and are totally absorbed in the present moment, just being able to take in and appreciate the awesomeness that surrounds you.


Over the weekend there was a lot of talk about how being here allowed them to just empty their minds, to stop worrying, to stop planning and to start letting go and just practice being present in the here and now and enjoying everything that was available to them.


The food, the views, the sound of bird song, the walks, the time to relax, the time to just slow down and breathe, the opportunity to spend time with other like minded women.


Every day you get to make the choices about what you want you life to look like, the kind of things that you want to see and do more of. I am truly grateful that these guys chose to invest in themselves and indeed invest in choosing to spend their time here.

IMG_2330 IMG_2333 IMG_2337 IMG_2334


Because it’s not just what happens on retreat. Yes it’s likely that they lost a few pounds in body weight over the weekend, I know I lost 4lb myself!!


BUT the real transformation is in what you take away from the weekend. Just from the conversations we had over food and lifestyle to the coaching resources to help you continue with your health and wellness goals.


Last year after the Lake District retreat one guest actually went on to lose a stone in weight post retreat because of the kick start it had given her and what she had learnt about eating habits and the types of foods she was choosing.


Already the guys have been posting about how amazing they are feeling, how much more energy they have and I simply love seeing their posts of healthy foods and the workouts, what they have been able to takeaway and start to apply it into real life.


That is what gets me fired up and excited about life is when I see the impact it can make to see the guys lap it up and really feel like the experience will make an impact on their lives.


A life that is happier, healthier and filled with more awesomeness!!!!!!


I simply can’t wait for the next one.


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