Ask Better Questions – A 30 Day Journal Challenge To Inspire You To Create Your Very Best Life

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May 05

A 30 Challenge - Ask Better Questions



Mindset and mindfulness tools are something I have become so passionate about, because this is the work that will truly allow you to stop dieting, living in constant battle, struggle and to start to feel more focused, more motivated and more in line with the life you want to be living. Getting out of your head and your thoughts and feelings down onto paper is incredibly powerful. Yes it takes a little time to get comfortable with it, but when you do #gamechanger


And I love getting and appreciate all of your replies and comments, you guys are just incredible. So if you are using it and it’s working, be sure to let me know. Likewise if there are any areas you struggle with, again I wanna know about it.


I’m such a frim believer in this process.


I wasn’t when I first started it though, I struggled to write anything, I felt like I was writing the same things over and over again.


Worried that I would be constantly over thinking things, petrified that someone would find my journal and read my deepest darkest thoughts.


I remember one time I went to the studio early for work and did some journaling whilst I was there. As I headed home after work my heart sank, I felt physically sick as at the time had been writing about some relationship struggles that were incredibly personal. I thought I had left the journal there at the studio as I frantically rummaged through my huge bag filled with all sorts of crap. Shiiiiiiitttttt!!!!


Luckily it was there in my bag all of the time. Phew!!!


Now I don’t really take it out of the house, in fact it’s now in a large folder as I created the ‘Get Your Shit Together Life Planner‘. I do my journaling in the morning and evenings and so have no reason for it to leave the house.


Plus the fact I am now much more comfortable with what I write, it comes from my heart, it’s part of my journey, my process, my healing, my power, heck I share most of it with you guys on here.


So despite my initial struggles and worries, I have persevered with it.


And now it’s my daily go to, if I’m feeling stuck, if I’m feeling low, if I’m looking for motivation. Instead of constantly searching for motivation from other people, thinking that I am going to get it from scrolling on social media endlessly.


I now choose to journal and find the motivation that is already within me, it just needs to be pulled out sometimes by giving it a voice and some attention.


I know that it’s the getting started that is always the hardest part right??


As I say it again, something so simple as writing down your thoughts and feelings can and WILL change your life.


There is actually no right or wrong way to go about it, you just need to start.


To help you out I have created some of my favourite and most powerful questions that I use to inspire my writing, which in turn gives me the kick up the backside to take action daily to continually put myself out there to create the life of my dreams.


Because the life of you dreams requires action on a DAILY basis.


So save the image below and use the 30 questions over the next 30 days to get started. In fact there is actually a bonus one because they just kept on flowing!


Message me and let me know what comes up for you.


I’m excited for you to get started because I know this process can help you find freedom from your fears and resistance and will help you to feel like the go getter that you were always meant to be.


And of course if you want my full training and FREE planner download series you can get that HERE


Emma ‘Just Try It’ Colsey-Nicholls


PS- The free planner is a great place to start, but I could see that so many of you were keen to go deeper into journaling but didn’t really know how to get started or the right format that you ‘should’ be doing. So I got your back to help your unleash this super simple but incredibly powerful too and created and online workshop. You can find out more and access that HERE

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