Your Greatest Achievements!

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Apr 24

What are some of your greatest achievement to date?


Do you have to really sit back and think about it?


Would you find it easier to think about all of the times when things didn’t work out so well?


I’m guessing that you would, it’s so common for us to think about all the negative things. We play them over and over again as a reminder of how rubbish and stupid we are.


I have talked before about how your past experiences shape your currently reality, it’s why you feel and behave the way that you do.


Part of practicing a more mindful approach to your life, to be able to create a different, more positive experience, start recognising the good and learning from the bad things instead of constantly beating yourself up about it.


Today, make a list of some of your greatest achievements.


What did you do?


What did you have to overcome in order to achieve it?


How did achieving that thing make you feel?


When you start to tap into those feelings again, that is where you start to gain the confidence to go out and do the work and experience more of it.


And it isn’t about ignoring the negatives but instead turning them around into a positive lesson.


Every single experience is just there to teach us something, its down to YOU to use these lessons to be able to shape your life, to create a different result.


This is the work that we are doing within the Focused Mind Fierce Body Formula at the moment.


Each week we have a new task to help you create more awareness and more power over the actions that you take on a daily basis.


Because when you dig below the subconscious behaviours, BIG changes start to happen in your life.


“we are what we repeatedly do, therefore, excellence, is not merely and act, but a habit” – Aristotle


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