What Are You Waiting For?

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Apr 23

I know you are super busy, you work hard, you have so much going on, but how many times have you told yourself you will wait until the timing is better?


I know it’s something I have done for years too, I would tell myself I will have more time when the kids starts school, or when I get that project is out of the way, when the summer comes……. when the winter comes…….blah blah blah.


I came to realize a few years back that I was never going to have any more time. No matter how much time we actually have, you will always find something to fill it up, because you are a go getter, you will have more ideas, more ‘things’ to do, that period of having more time is NEVER coming.


I was actually inspired to write on this topic as it’s something I saw on one to my friends posts who is actually coming on retreat in a few weeks.


She is a busy salon owner and now in the process of setting up a brand new salon and beauty training business, she is also a Mum too. Busy, busy, busy!!!


A lot of the people that I work with tend to be business owners and they can be the toughest of them all.


See when you love your job it’s easy to let it keep you busy, as it’s a labor of love.


When I had my fitness studio, working would easily take over my life, working all the hours I could, not really paying attention or connecting properly with people that are important to me, as my mind was always buzzing with work stuff, So creating more balance in my life became essential.


Not only for my own health and sanity but also to maintain a successful business, save my marriage (yes working too much was a contributor to it almost ending) and also spending quality time with my kids, who lets face it, they all grow up far too fast anyway.


So I wanted to share some of my top tips for creating a life that can be more balanced, because I truly believe that us ambitious women CAN have it all!! You CAN be successful, happy and kill it in ALL areas of your life, because you deserve to live the life of your dreams.


Stop waiting, Go create it!!


You are never going to miraculously have more time, you have to MAKE the time. I work from home, I have the kids running around so I decided to re-define my morning routine, to create more time in my day to get the important things done first thing. This then allows me time to re-connect with the kids. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, are you choosing to make your 24 hours as effective as possible??


Yes you CAN!


You are never going to miraculously have more money. I often hear people say they can’t afford to come on retreats or onto my coaching programs, or another one is that they can’t justify spending that much money on themselves. This is actually a subconscious behavior pattern, because deep down you believe that you are not worthy investing in yourself.


And I do fully understand the struggle, since moving to France I don’t have the same income that we did have back home and have made cuts on certain areas.


But instead of just telling myself I can’t have something, instead I will set myself targets, ask what else is possible and look for ways to be able to create the things I want, because I AM worthy of them and cutting back on Spartan races is not an option lol!!!


So if you want something, commit to working out a way to MAKE it happen and stop telling yourself you can’t have it.


Set Boundaries


If you are a workaholic it can easily overtake your life. Set boundaries, a time when you switch off for the day and leave work behind. Turn off your phone and emails, they will still be there tomorrow and you can deal with them in your set work hours.


You are worthy of having YOU time, go and do things for YOU. Weather it is to workout, go read, go for a walk, spend time actually connecting with your family, allow yourself time to switch off!!


Be Selfish!!


Yep, I’m being serious.


I think this is something that I actually don’t have a problem with, I am naturally a little selfish, I always have been. But now even as a mother, yes I do now put my children first but I still honor myself. Because when I don’t, I become stressed, I get narky and less effective and probably a bit sulky too and I notice very quickly when haven’t taken the time for me.


The more I serve myself first, helps me to be a better mum, a better wife and more effective business owner. I am better at everything I do because I have taken the time to work on me. Invest in my self-development, commit to giving myself ‘me’ time. Weather that is time out to just breathe for just 5 minutes in the day or commit to taking some time away. YOU are important too.



So whatever it is for you, stop waiting, you are the one in control and the one with the ability to make it happen. Because I see far too many people waiting until they are at crisis point, the point where they health is starting to get affected or they are just to filled with self-hatred they decide something has to shift.


Live your best life now by continuing to take action to increase your happiness levels and saying YES to all the things you want your life to be full of. You only get one life, make it one you freeking love with experiences that will stay with.


Because the only difference between you and the person that is killing, is that they chose to stop waiting and instead started creating.


No one is coming to hand it to you on a plate, YOU have to do the work for yourself.


Emma ‘Yes You Can’ Colsey-Nicholls


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