F*ck Perfection, Do This Instead!!

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Apr 19
Choose progress over perfection because you know what, perfection doesn’t even exist.
And what is perfection anyway?? And defined by who??
For longer than I care to think about I have struggled with the feeling of not quite being good enough, not quite measuring up as I compared myself to friends, celebs and in more recent times, every tom dick and harry on social media.
Only now, over the last couple of years, as I began working on my mindset did I realized, maybe I won’t ever have a 6 pack, I won’t ever be the front runner in that race, I may never have a million pounds in the bank!! (well I’m not completely ruling out that last one)
And you know what?? I’m ok with that.
Because through work on myself, I have come to accept me. I have learnt to love and appreciate all that I DO have. I have my health, I have my amazing family, I am living my dream life in the mountains and I still remain committed to constantly growing each and every day.
When I talk about improving your own self-confidence, self-confidence comes from getting to know yourself. What makes you tick, what lights up the fire in your belly, what makes you smile, what makes you feel proud of your self.
Self confidence doesn’t come from thinking about doing things, it comes from actually going out and DOING things.
Things that will challenge you, scare you, push you, the little things that make you feel somewhat uncomfortable.
It’s why at the beginning of the year I set my coaching group to go and seek a new challenge, a fitness challenge that would give them something to work towards. I set one for myself too, to go and complete the Spartan endurance races, to run further than I have ever run in my life as well as taking part in an over night 12 hour event.
And yeah during these challenges there will probably be times when I will question why I do these crazy things. Well, the Spartan slogan actually says it all, “you’ll know at the finish line”.
You will know when you get that feeling of excitement, that rush of adrenalin and the lasting feeling of pride, the moment you say ‘I did that’, when you prove to yourself what you and your wonderful body are capable of, when you just decide to try.
That’s how you gain true and lasting confidence. Find joy in the process and find the courage to try.
If you are ready to stop thinking and start doing in order to create the life you really want for your self CLICK HERE to get my free starter guide to mastering your mindset for a better body, better health and more happiness. I can’t wait to share these tools that will dramatically shift your life.
Emma ‘Happy Hump Day’ Colsey-Nicholls

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