Why Cleanse Anyway?

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Apr 10

So I am up today a little earlier than normal feeling ready and fired to take on the week ahead.


You see last week was my cleanse week, and I always get this feeling of clarity, motivation and focus following on from a cleanse.


Though the cleanse week is always a little bit of a challenge, that’s exactly why I do it.


Because if we don’t take the opportunity to give ourselves a push from time to time, we can wind up just staying stuck.


Stuck in the same patterns and behaviours. And if you are truly happy just as you are right now then that’s fine BUT if you are anything like me, I thrive on the forward movement of life.


Constantly growing, evolving and challenging myself to have the most amazing life I possibly can.


Yes I live out here in the mountains and it is everything I wanted and more BUT, there is also a whole load of work that has to be done to make this life the dream.


Our first season is now coming to a close and what a season it has been. We are incredibly proud of how the first year has turned out, but the end of the season has also caused a little bit of reality to kick in, and last week there was the definite feeling of fear and overwhelm that started to sneak back into our minds.


You see now the winter is over we are now in the phase of ‘what’s next’…..


I have my retreats coming up but we want to start to exploring more ideas of what’s possible. There are many ideas floating about but at the same time some urgency around it, as truth is we need to continue to work on our income to survive, so it can get a little overwhelming.


Overwhelm feeds into your fears and part of last week it actually left me feeling a little flat on some days.


And it’s at this point that being on a cleanse really helped me to create that all important mindfulness around my eating habits, it really wakes you up to your emotions.


You see as human beings we don’t act on logic most of the time. We know that if we want to reach out body goals we shouldn’t eat certain foods, but we are actually driven by our emotions, we find ourselves powerless to stop shoving our favourite foods into our mouths.


We use food as a way of dealing with our emotions and feelings, we make decisions based on how we ‘feel’.


The actual process of doing the cleanse was the first big step to pushing through a feeling.


Doing it because I brought my focus to how I would feel at the end of it.


And truth is I feel amazing this morning as I am sat writing this. Yesterday I went out for my long run. I am training for a marathon distance obstacle race and this means I am going to be running further than I have ever ran in my life. My long runs always feel like a struggle, at the end I’m usually drained, my joints feel achy and tired and I just want to take a long lie down ha.


BUT yesterday was a different story, I felt like I could have kept on going, my muscles and joints didn’t feel anywhere near as tired, in fact I got home and completed a little finisher of strength work, and actually got back my chin ups back to 7 (I have been hovering around 4 for a very long time) and just because I felt like I could I was on an unusual high after my run.


On a normal week I would feel a little drained and tired throughout the rest of the day, again this was not the case yesterday I had bags of energy and had actually forgotten I had done a long run that morning.


The feeling that can only be described as being on ‘FIYAAAAAAAA’


In a week I have also managed to shed the additional weight I had put on over the winter and feel fired to continue to carry on kicking ass this week too.


So maybe you don’t exactly ‘feel’ ready to do a cleanse but want to push yourself so that you too can start to FEEL better than you do right now CLICK HERE and grab your copy of The Ultimate Spring Cleanse to add some more fire into improving your energy levels, your health and transform your body and mind to create focus and achieve the progress you keep on telling yourself that you want.




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