Is This The Next Big Superfood?

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Apr 03

fresh tea seeds isolated on white backgroundToday I want to introduce you to the wonderful Moringa products.


Wilanko is a online store selling a wide range of natural and eco friendly health, personal and cleaning care products.


I was sent a bottle of their signature product Moringa oil to try out.


At the start of this year I made the decision to be more mindful with the beauty products I was using, and generally anything that I was putting onto my body.


When we think about health we usually just focus on the foods that we eat, but choosing to live a healthy lifestyle can mean so much more. A lot of beauty products are filled with toxins that are disruptive to the hormonal system, and you may have noticed a rising trend in paraben free products as more people are becoming turned on to the dangers of toxins in beauty products. Choosing more natural products can impact your long-term health, and it doesn’t have to be hard work or super expensive either.


So often we get pulled into the thought that ‘what can little ole me do to make a difference’. But truth is, we can, we all can, if you can just be bothered to care. The world needs us all to care just a little bit more.


I am super passionate about living in line with my values, I care deeply about the state of our planet and indeed the mentality of the people living in it.


No I’m not perfect, but I do believe in the little things that can make a difference and you know what, it makes you get a warm fuzzy feeling when you are using a product that is going to nourish and support your body, that is going to support real people, supporting the little guys who are working hard to be able to give something back.


Wikaniko produce their own Moringa oil organically on a farm in Spain and produce it at such a high standard to ensure that you are getting the best. Meaning no pesticides or other harmful chemicals and using the best quality parts of the tree. You can check out their own blog if you want to learn more about their company CLICK HERE and the mission that they are on.


They sell Moringa in powder, capsules and oil to harness its amazing health qualities by adding it into your diet. As it’s starting to gain momentum for being ‘superfood’, yes that is a term that get’s banged about a lot, so don’t get bogged down by it, but DO always look to add more foods into your diet that are high in nutrients that will fuel your body to more awesomeness. Moringa is high in vitamins A, C and E, calcium, potassium and protein, which will give you an amazing nutritional boost if you are adding that to your morning smoothie.


I have been using the oil form mainly on my skin and for dressing salads and I am now defiantly a fan.


Moringa oil is being used within beauty products already because of its anti aging properties. But instead of getting just a few drops into your pot of moisuriser, why not get it straight from the source.


It has shown to have benefits for skin such as spots, acne, blemishes and chapping and is even show to have an effect on wrinkles Beautiful woman applying cosmeticsand lines.


I have been using it as a makeup remover in my evening routine. I’m a low maintenance kinda girl and like to keep my beauty routine pretty simple. So I use it in the evenings to take off makeup and then leave it on my skin over night. Then cleanse in the morning with a warm cloth (I told you simple right).


So I have been using it for a few weeks now and I have to say I love it.


I have naturally have quite oily skin, but leaving the oil on over night is actually balancing out the oiliness of my skin, my skin is super clear and smooth and even though I have been blessed with genetically good skin in terms of wrinkles I had noticed that the fine lines around my eyes look much smoother.


As I live in the mountains and the cold weather can often leave my lips quite chapped after a day out on the snowboard I use the oil instead of a lip balm and literally the next day the moisture of my lips is restored, this is a HUGE bonus for me as chapped lips is something that usually bugs the hell out of me as I get it a lot.


This is a product I will be keeping stocked up on and will be looking forward to sharing it with our guests who come onto retreat with us.


To find out more about Wikaniko and the full range of products they have available go to and use the discount code MOR10 to get 10% discount available until the end of April.




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