Need Some Fairy Dust On Your Day??

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Mar 15

Self-doubt is one of the biggest dream killers there is.


When you feel like you are working towards something, you are trying your very best, then when things just don’t come together, you feel like you are wasting your time and the resulting feeling of failure.


I know I have been there, in fact many days I still get these same feelings, I am human and not immune to them.


But this type of thought pattern has a hugely limiting effect.


Yes it’s important to manage our expectations, life is not always going to be fairy’s and unicorns but in the same light, just because you have failed before doesn’t mean that it will always be that way.


Especially if you start to learn from your past experiences and use them to be able to make subtle changes to bring about a different result.


This week I am working with my coaching guys on the topic of EXECUTION!!


We work a lot on creating our goals and imagining our dream life, but truth is, if we don’t actually execute any of it, then they do stay just that. Dreams!!


They remain in our imagination and actually start to detriment our progress as we then feed into the feelings of self-doubt when another goal is left unattained.


Truth is all too often we choose behaviours that almost sabotage our results, it’s like we are trying to fail on purpose, yet seem completely out of control in being able to stop it.


I found myself moving back into this behaviour this week.


I have some big ass goals right now and huge plans for some AMAZING retreats this year, yet I found myself slipping back into time wasting on social media.


Now don’t get me wrong social media is very important for my business goals but there is a lot of unproductive, time wasting and procrastinating going on when I have some huge tasks that I want to get completed.


And why???


Because I recognise that it’s bringing up feelings of ‘not being good enough’, I am once again levelling up, I am exploring new territories, going into the unknown and it’s scary!!!!


So when self-sabotage starts to rear up, how do you break through it??


There are a few tools I use, but one of my favourites is the use of affirmations.


Now wait!!! Maybe your thinking you have heard about these affirmations and feel like they are a little airy fairy and woo woo.


But for my clients and me they have become a very powerful tool.


If you don’t like the word affirmation, think about all the motivational quotes you see pop up on social media. Well it’s kinda the same thing right??


You hit like on them because they encourage you to think about the possibilities, something in that statement resonates with you and makes you feel fired up.


Affirmations work in the same way, they train the brain to look for past experiences when that positive statement was true for you. They remind you what you are capable of, they remind you to look for the good in yourself and prevent you from focusing on your limiting beliefs.


When you feel fired up and motivated, you feel unstoppable and you start to execute more often. We become what we choose to think about, so start to think more about the good things.


Consistent execution leads to breakthroughs and you are only a few actions away from your biggest success to date.


Emma ‘Sprinkling A Little Fairy Dust On Your Morning’ Colsey-Nicholls


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