Seek More Adventure

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Mar 08

So as I headed out on my snowboard yesterday I had a moment and thought about the progress I have made with my technique as a boarder since I have been living here.


You see I had this expectation that just because I am living here now I was going to dramatically improve my riding.


Truth is, I haven’t.


Ok, maybe the slightest little bit, but I certainly nothing worth shouting about.


And why is that?? Even though I have been going out most weeks for the last 10 or so weeks have I not seen massive improvements.


And the answer is simple.


I have been choosing to coast.


I have been out playing around but never really putting myself out there, in fact I haven’t really fallen over all that often, never fully committing to really going all in and pushing myself to do things that are a little uncomfortable, that challenge me or risking falling over.


I will simply just cruising down the mountain and playing it pretty safe.


And yeah coasting can be fun.


And I do believe that there are time for coasting, for taking it easy, sitting back and enjoying the ride.


BUT there are also times for pushing, for going all in, to take an adventure to take a risk, to go into the unknown if you want to improve.


Life is one big ass adventure and I for one choose to explore it.


There have been a few days when the powder has been fresh and the skies are blue that I have gone into the unknown, and quite often ended up waist deep in thick power and having to climb out of a hole.


And you see its when you have to dig yourself out of those holes that you will start to see the breakthroughs.


When you start to challenge yourself and seek new adventures one of two things will happen. You will either realise that you still need to keep on practicing a little more OR you will completely nail it, coming out feeling pretty freeking fabulous and confidence on an all time high, feeling the thrill of life, smiling and laughing from ear to ear.


You either win or your learn, there are no losses in these experiences.


Either way you are going to grow, to learn, to improve, and that is true for all of life not in just learning a new skill or hobby.


Life is meant to be exciting and fun, it’s something we all thrive on when we get out of our own way and just allow it.


Since we made the decision to move to France it’s been an incredible adventure. One of many turns, fuck up’s and breakthroughs and we are only just at the beginning yet we are already have our sights set on the next move and it’s yet again one that will push us.


I have no doubt this will be a challenge, it’s BIG, it’s scary BUT the reward on the other side will be worth every little bit of it.


So go out there and seek the big scary challenges and just go for it!!




PS – If one of your challenges is to get away and have more YOU time and do the things that will fill your sole on fire check out our retreat schedule HERE. We have some incredible experiences lined up that will push you, excite you and you are in for one hell of an experience.


I also have a very special announcement coming as we have a couple of special guests joining us on our Fierce & Fearless retreat in June that we will be announcing very soon!! We can’t wait to welcome you to the mountains.

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