Shift Your Mood With This Simple Hack

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Feb 16

Have you every listened to a piece of music and felt and instant shift in your mood or energy?


Maybe when a dance track came on and it immediately took you back to a night of silliness, giggles and dancing until the sun came up.


Maybe a love song that transported you back to a time of heartache and pain.


You may well have experienced both of these and a whole array of other emotions in between, all triggered by different songs. And the message of this post is, what you listen to can have a dramatic impact on your mood and also has the power to shift it in a moment.


As more and more, we are living high stress lifestyles, from work, kids, relationships to social circumstances, the increased pressure we load onto ourselves is huge and quite frankly damaging to your health.


I know for myself as an entrepreneur, a mother, a wife actually allowing and creating down time, space for yourself, time to relax, can be something of challenge to fit in to an already jam packed schedule.


It’s something I am constantly working on improving, as am I high energy person who thrives on being on the go.


So I enjoy using music to help shift my mood.


Weather it be upbeat cheesy pop music to fuel my workouts, feel good happy songs when I’m in the car with the kids to chilled out smooth beats when it’s time to relax when I’m on my own or stretching.


And science shows that sounds Can have a significant impact on mood and stress levels.


Heck there is a whole host of information out there on sound therapy and you may well have had you Yoga instructor using a singing bowl in a class for this very reason.

No while I am no expert on sound or sound therapy.


All you really need to start exploring is what works and FEELS good for you.


So if you need a shift in mood then look at creating a playlist that can assist you with this.


Have one for stress reduction and relaxation. An article on the top 10 most relaxing songs for reducing stress and anxiety said “Weightless by Marconi Union was found to reduce levels of stress and anxiety by a whopping 65 percent, and produced a greater state of relaxation than any other music tested to date”



So go type in chill out or relax on a music stream and save your favorites, the ones that help you notice a shift when you listen to them, and put them into a playlist.



Do one for an energy boost, one for inspirational lyrics to improve optimism if you are feeling a little stuck in life.


All of these will be very individual selections so just take notice of any changes in mood or emotions, and focus on those GOOD feelings that come up.


So take some time this week to create your own mood shifting music playlists.


I also like to use the brainwave app, which is based around sound therapy and using different binaural frequencies access the optimal state of mind, I especially like to use it when I am concentrating or doing work. You can also add your own iTunes playlist onto it and it will play different sound frequencies over the music.


I of course will be developing some incredible playlists to create sheer bliss for our retreat guests and thoroughly maximise your stay with us so you walk away feeling like you are floating on air.


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Emma ‘Just Dance’ Colsey-Nicholls

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