All Or Nothing?

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Jan 17
All Or Nothing?? OR Slow and steady
Are you the type of obsessive person who goes in all guns blazing at everything you do?
Yet then go through periods where you just can’t seem to get yourself motivated to do anything at all and feel like you take 10 steps back?
I got to thinking about this as it was something that came up on a coaching call with a client as she wanting to move away from a state of having this, all or nothing mentality and feeling like going back to square one.
You see your mindset is a lot like any other type of physical exercise, it takes training and practice.
Going all out is all very well and good and it can feel great at first as your are going with great speed, your intentions are good and your motivation is on an all time high, but these intense periods of effort are never sustainable over long  periods of time and you wind up feeling like a failure.
If you have ever done a session of hill sprints, you will know they are pretty disgusting and damn hard work to the point you want to puke.
And any good trainer would tell you never to do these intense sessions more than a few times a week.
As doing more than that leads to burn out, your body fatigues and doesn’t allow enough recovery time and the result is…… you stop making progress.
And it’s exactly the same concept with your mindset, motivation and grind.
If you go all out for too long you just end up in burnout.
Now, before you go giving yourself another day off and thinking you need to revert back to lazy mode, bear with me.
There is defiantly a time and place for going hard. Both with your training and with your mindset, to push yourself, to test out the boundaries.
Just like in sprint training, this is where you generate your strength and your power, it’s where you discover your weaknesses and what you need to work on to continue improving.
You will only continue to grow and move forward if you also allow yourself time for rest, time to ease off to breathe, to step back, clear your mind, get some perspective and new direction.
Now with sprint training the key to actually improving your recovery is to keep on moving in between sets, just at a much lower intensity. You breathe, you recover, you maintain and work on your flow, keeping the blood pumping and your body moving in order to keep the supply of oxygen coming in, the fuel to the muscles and the lactic acid out, so that you get to go all out again once more.
So it is very dependant on the person which method works for you, like with anything we all work optimally at different speeds.
Sprint and walk method
The slow and steady hill climb which is all about taking smaller steps, maintaining rhythm and consistently moving. That’s made up of your daily habits, the things you practice day by day that keep you moving forward, keep you focused and motivated, steps are small but steady.
Both methods can work and you can do a bit of both, I know that’s how I like to work.
You just get to discover which one produces the best results for YOU as an individual. Just remember to get in the most important factor for continuous growth, which is to always ensure you have a period of recovery.
Bring the recovery into your weeks, your months and your years. Use that down time to recover EFFECTIVLY, focus on YOU, your breathing, slowing down taking the time to regenerate so that you can come back with fire in your belly and ready to go all in once more.
So the thing I want you to consider today is where in your life and how often are you allowing yourself to take that step back? Its not about coming to a halt, more creating a slower pace so that you can find your power once more.
Create more recovery in your life to create more growth and better results.
Emma ‘Usain’ Colsey-Nicholls
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