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Jan 10

So this week with my coaching guys and myself, the focus is very much on coming back to the body but also waking up to PAY ATTENTION.


I talk about this a lot, as it’s been something of a game changer for me as I moved into more conscious living.


By this I mean becoming more aware of my reactions to people, situations, my thoughts and basically just more switched on to what’s going on with me and around me.


Part of this is coming back to my daily habits and the process of journaling in the morning. I teach this in my 30 day Daily Fire Program which you can check out HERE.


I usually write about the day before and check over what happened and what came up for me.


My focus this week for my body goals was to cut out the sugar.


I like to take it one step at a time and one task at a time.


This way we avoid overwhelm and are more likely to be able to stick with it.


So moving away from sweets and chocolate and working to replace them with just fruit and my chocolate protein bars.


I then bring myself into awareness of when the sugar cravings or urge to have something sweet hit me.


Yesterday was quite a relaxed day with a workout in the morning, a bit of work and playing around with Cooper but I did notice the sweet cravings popping up a LOT.


As I choose to question it, and something became very clear. It was the thoughts that were whizzing through my mind.


Now, once upon a time I would have not really paid much attention and just dive into the sweets.


BUT, noticing what was going on, I had been having some business ideas, these are the things that are then going through my head.


“I have so much to do, I don’t have time to be playing with Cooper”


“I need to do, X, Y, Z”


“Oh no the Internet has gone off again”


Then onto thinking about some projects I want to get started with:


“I’m not good enough to do that”


“I’m not smart enough”


‘What if they don’t like it”


“What if I look stupid”?


‘What if I fail”


Yep all of these things crossed my mind.


Now there would have been a time where I would hold onto these stories and they may well have held me back.


Even today I am still doing the work on myself as I have spent the morning procrastinating (that’s after searching the hill for my lost dogs AGAIN!!)


So one of my things is, that I want to write for more places/people rather than just my own blogs.


Heck I even think I would like to write a book one day and so I start to have doubt, and the fears about pushing myself could very well just keep me exactly where I am.


BUT being conscious, is about realizing that these are just stories I am choosing to believe right now. Are they even true?


Thoughts have no meaning whatsoever unless WE give them that meaning.


How often have you let what other people think of you hold you back???


You will never realize just what you are capable of while you are worrying about what other people will think of you.


Be bold, be daring, be YOU and start to release anybody else’s opinion of you. The only opinion that really matters when it comes to being you, is your own.


Not only will you be happier, more confident, but you will start making massive steps forward to being the person that you are truly here to be.


So choose to think the thoughts that will support and build you up, accept yourself just as you are and practice believing in yourself a little more. Yes this more positive mindset does take practice but you CAN change your thinking.


I want to share my own process with you as I still have my own doubts and fears that show up, but having the awareness around them through practicing my Daily Fire Program is exactly what helps me to shift through them.


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Emma ‘Just A Thought’ Colsey-Nicholls

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