Set Your Intention For 2017

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Jan 01

So for you to actually go out there and take big ass action on creating the life of your dreams and a body you can show a little more love and appreciation for, is actually more about going inwards rather than it is about searching of yet another quick fix.

So whilst I am easing myself back into action after enjoying a lovely Christmas with my family who all came over to visit. One thing I have been pondering over Christmas after a task was set by my business coach from a new group that I am in was to set a # for the year. Something that kind of sums up my intentions for the year ahead, something to get me fired up and focused.

For me it took a little while as I have a few areas that I will be expanding on this year, then today it finally came to me.

My intention for this year is to experience more #freedom

You see for me that was what moving to France was all about. A life where we don’t have to live by the rules, where we get to decide how and what our life looks and feels like. The freedom I experience every day I step out of my doorstep and am surrounded by the amazingness of the mountains, feeling connected to nature, connected to my purpose, the feeling of space, flexibility, the feeling that anything can be possible, the feeling of flow.

I am also now far more conscious of the feelings I get when I tell myself ‘I can’t do something” , whether that is because of money, time, commitments, children, husband etc. I feel tight in my chest, I feel agitated, I feel stressed, and it dampens my energy. Yes these things do still occur from time to time but they are teaching me and allowing me to connect deeper with my intention for this year, which is all based around freedom.

Freedom for myself and helping the people that choose to come and work with me.

Freedom to love your body

Freedom to experience happiness

Freedom to go explore

Freedom to create exactly what you want in life

Freedom to do whatever the fuck you like

Freedom to be YOU and love every second of it.

I would love for you to explore what your #could be for this year that will define your intentions.


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Emma ‘Freedom Hunter’ Colsey-Nicholls

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