The Worlds Best Diet (Ready For January)

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Dec 28

Women every year will spend a lot of time, money and stress in search of it.


The wondrous magic diet that is going to be the answer to all of your body issues.


Well I have it.


Seriously after years of hating and shaming on my own body to finally feeling happier, more at peace and far more confident that I have ever been, and I still eat sweets and drink beer.


So how, and what is this amazing diet?


Ok so I knew that title would grab your attention, so I was being a little bit sneaky there because crash diets, restricting your foods and over exercising only serve to make you feel hungry, grumpy and like a failure once more.


The best diet in the world is ‘the one that you can stick to’. So simple, yet so true


I get so excited about this because it can simply transform your life, from a place of struggle and frustration to finally breaking free and feeling happy and confident in the body you have.


Filling it with good nutrition because you WANT to, rather than feeling like you need to restrict and punish yourself.


80% of success simply comes from mindset, and shifting your mindset around health, nutrition and also how you want your life to look like.


So how we do this on the Focused Mind Fierce Body Formula is look at creating a nutrition and workout program that works for YOU.


The very first part of the program looks at taking you through a 7-day detox.


I know, a ‘diet’, but you just said……


Yes I know, and that’s why this phase only lasts 7 days.


Its in there to help your body shift through cravings and sugar addictions so we can allow the body to detoxify, get rid of excess water retention and start from a clear base.


Then we work together on creating a nutrition and meal planner that works for YOU and your body.


We always start with the body, as it really is the basis of everything. Nourishment and movement will give you the energy, motivation and focus to be able to move on and create bundles more awesomeness in every single aspect of your life.


So this isn’t as much about creating a diet, but more about designing your life through daily habits.


Because it’s not information you have been lacking in your life.


Its your ability to remain consistent, creating routine, rituals the things you do on a daily basis that will really start to drive the change in your results.


So first step is to find the things that you enjoy doing and that you can do DAILY.


Start finding ways to make it easier for yourself by doing what you enjoy. It’s amazing what else starts to show up when you start creating more enjoyment in the process.


Emma ‘Do It Daily’ Colsey-Nicholls


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