Trust The Process

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Dec 21

The end of the year always is a great time to
look back at the year that has passed and
take the time to reflect and review. I hope
you have done a little of that since my last

Look your biggest wins of the year, seriously,
go and write down every single thing that you
achieved this year, no matter how big or

In fact over in the free group I have been
asking people to post their favourite picture
of the year. Hit reply if you want to come
and join the group, I would love to see you
in there.

You will probably surprise yourself, because
it’s so easy to focus on all of the negative
stuff we can sometimes forget the simple
little wins along the way

Yes it’s might seem like a bit of a ball ache
to go and complete but seriously go do it.

What this will do, is shift the energy you
feel around the year and will help you hold onto
the good feeling that you want to carry on
into 2017.

So next start dreaming about what is possible
for next year, or maybe even the dreams that seem
a little bit on the ‘big’ side right now.

If it’s a dream or a reoccurring thought for
you then go and write it down. You don’t need
to do anything about it right now, but just
get it down onto paper.

Next go and look at the lessons from 2016
otherwise known as your ‘fuck –ups”

I know I have had a fair few this year, but
rather than get pulled down by these.

Instead look at what you have LEARNT from them and what
actions and behaviours you get to change, to
be able to achieve something different for
next year.

Then what usually happens after you reflect
and review is that you go and set your goals
for the year ahead.

Soooo many posts going around right now on
goal setting, and how to actually create

And this is awesome and the process that I
usually follow.

Yet this year I am taking a slightly
different route for myself and with the guys
coming onto Focused Mind, Fierce Body.
You can still apply for that BTW CLICK
HERE for more information and to apply.

We are not actually going to be doing any
major goal setting until March.

I know, WTF!!

You see I find that most people start in
January with all the best intentions, so many
ideas for what they want to achieve,
motivation is high and you can almost feel

Yet when it comes to actually taking action,
all of these ideas just end up feeling
incredibly overwhelming, the result is that
by March time your motivation has died and
you are back onto the mode of struggling
through the same old shit.

I’ll let you into a little secret.

I’m actually not very good at planning and
being organised.

I kinda like to think of myself as more of a
free spirit and defiantly a go with the
flow kind of person. I’m one for
just trusting the process that’s for sure.

I do still do a lot of goal setting work
because there is no doubt that setting goals
has helped me to achieve many of the things
that I have, but I do prefer to do it in
smaller chunks and I always allow

I will change over time, my wants and needs
will change and if I am going to allow more
flow and happiness, I need to remain flexible.

But one of the BIG things that drives me to
continue pushing forward, is, being connected
to my purpose and my vision.

It’s become pretty clear from a lot of people
that I have had conversations with recently,
that many of you don’t know exactly what it
is that you want.

Yes you would like to earn more money, lose a
few pounds and have a little more free time,
yet there is no real clarity around that.

So before you go setting all of your big bad
ass goals I would invite you to take some
time to really think and get clear around
what is important to you. What you want to
achieve and where you see your life going and
is that in line with your purpose and your

I find this process fun and exciting and so I
can’t wait to get you guys working on this
process next year.

So have some fun with it and let me know what
you come up with, or indeed what resistance
comes up for you with this process.

Emma ‘Dreamer’ Colsey-Nicholls

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