Head Up, Chest Lifted And Lean In

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Dec 19

Has 2016 been a struggle for you? Will you glad to see the back of it?

If so then I wanted to share something with you today as I has been speaking to many of you who have found this last year a rough one to say the least.

A little Monday Motivation before your start wishing for a better end to the year.

I get a lot of my inspiration when out running and indeed my experiences of running teach me so much.

Yesterday I was out on a long run and did just over 8 miles, which took me an hour and a half.

During my runs I have my run tracker on and it tells me my pace, how fast I’m running and how much time I have remaining on my target run.

I like to know how fast I am going, yet when this woman speaks in my ear to tell me my speed I can’t help but start to judge myself.

Judgement because I know I have recorded faster times.

I have seen other people running faster when they post their tracked routes.

Judgement on what I want my target time will be for my race days.

Yet I notice as soon as I place these judgements onto myself the path seems to feel so much heavier and harder.

And this is such a perfect analogy for real life.

I am now currently training to run a marathon distance race in July and getting my fitness, my body and my mindset ready for that distance does not happen over night.

I am constantly working on and improving my hill running technique. Heck I’m living in the mountains and flat runs just don’t exist any more, so I am working on a feeling.

Constantly asking myself, what changes can I make that ‘FEEL’ easier?

When the path feels hard and steep I adjust my body and also work on shifting my focus.

At the times when it feels the hardest, I’m struggling to breathe and my legs are burning I want to slow down and walk, yet I’m now finding that the best technique is actually to lean into the hill.

I use my body weight to my advantage, lean forward, lift up those knees and keep on powering into the ground.

I also shift my focus of my mind. Instead of telling myself how hard this is, I choose to focus on how much my body will gain from each and every step. Turn up the music and take a look around at the stunning views.

The results is that every hill, every run, every session is making me stronger and fitter, it’s laying the foundations and getting in the miles.

Just like success in life, it doesn’t happen over night.

Your success is a marathon, not a sprint.

But what does success mean to you??

Success to me is about growth, it’s about your levels of happiness mixed in with your ability to live the life that you want to be living.

And that shit is going to have ups and downs.
So if you have had a rough year, think of it as just a hill in your marathon training.

You are setting the base and laying the foundations for your future successes.

And even when it feels like you can’t carry on, NOW is the time to get your head up, get your chest lifted and just lean in.

Its not the end if you don’t give up.

Emma ‘Step By Step’ Colsey-Nicholls

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