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By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Dec 12
So as I sit here and have the huge realisation that it’s only bloody Christmas next weekend!!!! WFT how the hell did that happen??
We have been so full with prepping the chalet for our first arrivals that time has been flowing at a rapid rate.
So rapid, I haven’t even bought any presents yet, apart from a few odd bits for the kids.
I also take this time to realise how much my priorities and desires have changed pretty dramatically over the last few years.
I used to want all sorts of material things such as diamond earrings, perfumes, and designer bags.
And while these are all beautiful, I could be all super mushy and tell you that all I want is happiness and health and this is true but I am already super happy and healthy. Now I just crave more experiences, more feelings of joy, freedom, happiness and adventures that make me smile.
In fact one of the main things I currently want is some snowshoes so I can go exploring in the snow on foot more often without getting my legs and feet soaked. I would
As I’m always craving adventure I am planning lots more Spartan adventures for next year as I’m always looking to strive for more improvement and more epic Spartan experiences. As well as hosting a Spartan weekend here in Morzine at our chalet, I will be back on the road with my Spartan partner in adventures as we take on some brand new endurance challenges in 2017.
I do still have 2 beds available at our chalet for our Morzine Spartan weekend which the group is coming 30th June to 5th July. If you would love to travel, experience the mountains and take part in a Spartan race (all 3 race distances are available so for all levels) hit reply and I can let you know the prices.
But back onto the topic of the day which was last minute Christmas shopping I wanted to share some of my top wellness recommendations that could make the perfect gift for your health conscious girl friends, or if your anything like me leave very blunt hints to your other half because you want all of these goodies for yourself.
#1 – Daily Greatness journal – I’m such a huge fan of journaling, not only for planning and tracking your life goals. But also becoming more conscious about what’s holding you back to allow you to make bigger breakthroughs by just starting to create more awareness. Writing down my thoughts and feelings has been powerful process on my own personal journey. I love the daily greatness journal because of the layout and the ease of use. Check them out HERE
#2 – Love Lula – Everybody lady loves getting beauty products right?? I know I do, but I have become so much more aware of the contents of what goes on my body as well as the ingredients it contains and that they are not tested on animals. One of my intentions for next year is use less ‘stuff’, use more sustainable and environmentally friendly products. I love Love Lula as you can get so many amazing natural beauty products on here. They also do a monthly beauty box, which is an awesome way to try out a range of different beauty products for yourself. I am particularly enjoying the Balm Balm range that is all coconut oil based. CLICK HERE to check it out
#3 – Motivational Jewellery – A little memento to remind you to give each day your everything and live the life you really want. Check these out from ‘Not On The High Street’ (love this website for everything, OR though it may be a little late for this one, as they are made in the states Momentum Jewellery 
#4 – Fitness Trackers – Wearable fitness technology is still such a huge hit with many people I speak to. I love my iwatch for helping me to track and improve on my workouts. Whilst I always choose to focus on a feeling, I do love having the accountability that fitness tracking brings. I have an apple watch, which I love, but Fitbits are another great brand that I hear a lot of good reports about. Or maybe just get them a new charging stand which I think also make a super cool present for your tech conscious pals, and I love the natural look of this stand
#5 – The gift of more adventure – Ok so this one is probably for yourself but I didn’t want to do a whole article without giving my 2017 retreats a mention because lets face it, what an awesome present that would be, right? I have now release 2 dates for next years retreats, with a September date soon to follow. I can send a digital gift vouchers for any amount to go towards a 2017 fitness retreat right here in the French Alps. Hit reply if you want to give yourself the gift of more YOU time in 2017, or maybe you want a voucher for your bestie to come and join you on one of our transformational 2017 retreats.
So if your super last min like me, then I hop you will enjoy checking these out for your friends or just keep them for yourself haha
Emma ‘Fitmas’ Colsey-Nicholls
PS – I also started my free live workouts at the weekend. I am going to be filming more of these in the free group to help keep you guys motivated and energised over Xmas, so CLICK HERE to come and join if you are not already in there.

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