It’s Like A Party For Your Tastebuds! Or NOT!

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Nov 16

This is the expectation of most people when it comes to consuming food or drink.


Food is so highly processed, with chemicals and/or sugar added to make it all taste pretty damn amazing and it’s the reason that most people struggle with will power.


And something that I hear a LOT of, is that healthy eating is boring and tasteless.


I posted an image out the other week about drinking more water.


I know it’s not the most exciting thing in the world but it has to be said, I am so sick of people looking for the quick fixes and feeling downhearted and broke every time they end up just gaining more weight back on, when something so simple is just overlooked


Drinking water is simply the most effective and health giving advice I can give to anyone that is just starting to make some shifts with their bodyweight and their health, and it costs next to nothing.


And yes I am afraid it just comes down to drinking more of the stuff.


One comment was asking how to make it taste better if you don’t like water.


Of course there are ways to help make water taste better, infuse it with fruits like lemon, berries or one of my personal favourites cucumber with mint in, in fact I am working on some wonderful concoctions for next years retreats.


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But back to the real world you know when you are strapped for time and you don’t have a cucumber or a chopping board at hand, plain ole water is going to have to suffice.


I know it’s never going to be that party for your taste buds, soz, not soz, it is literally life giving. It’s what allows your body to flow and function as it’s supposed to.


Your body is made up of 60% water, your brain made up of 75% water, without it you’re for safe of a better word you are fucked!!


Your body can survive for up to about a week without food, but after just 2 days of no fluids you would die!!! I don’t recommend trying either but just shows how essential water is to sustaining life and creating a healthy thriving body.


Yes your body is pretty awesome and will extract water out of your food and other drinks, but come on. Get your big girl pants on and give that amazing body of yours a help in hand and just give it some clean fresh water.


Once you start drinking more you taste buds will adapt and you start to enjoy it more, your natural thirst mechanism will kick back in and you actually start to feel thirsty more often. I don’t drink pop all that often but even when I do I still need to have plain water, as nothing else will satisfy my thirst.


If you suffer from achy joints, headaches, heartburn, back pain it is likely that your body is just crying out for hydration.


Hydration is simply THE most effective weight loss and health promoting protocol that so many people just ignore.


Just drink more!!!!


Drink a pint first thing in the morning and then at regular intervals throughout the day. Always have a bottle with you when out and about and set yourself reminders on your phone if your normal routine means that you usually ‘forget’ to drink it, and increase your water intake slowly and over time. Also adding a little salt to your water will actually help the body to absorb more of it.


Make the conscious effort to get started today and then keep going so it forms one of your new daily and healthy habits to improve your levels of hydration.




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