Ditch The Quick Fix

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Nov 08

If you have followed me for any amount of
time you will know that I am not a fan of
quick fixes.

Yes you can get a short term result, but it
doesn’t mean sh*t if you can’t maintain that
because it’s making you miserable.

So why, you may ask am I currently doing a 7
day cleanse right now??

I’m actually testing out some new protocols
for my 2017 programs but the reason that I
include a cleanse in the first place is more
about improving health and creating metabolic
changes. It’s giving the body a base when you
prepare to level it up.

Over the last few months I have noticed my
sweetie cravings have been back, plus I have
also been enjoying the French cuisine of
bread and cheese (and possibly some beer too)
a little more than I would have done back

My every day eating always remains clean
however I am aware that I am ready to make
some shifts with my body as I become even
more in tune with it.

You see if you do the same things day in and
day out you can end up at a plateau.

That’s why if you started out on a diet and
got great results in the beginning, you keep
everything the same your training and your
nutrition and you lost say a few stone over
the first 6 months and then bam, everything
comes to a standstill and you just can’t seem
to shift anymore despite trying really hard.

That super smart body of yours has the
incredible ability to adapt to what ever you
throw at it. It says ok I see what’s
happening here you are reducing your calorie
intake and upping your exercise, so what I am
going to do is slow down the metabolic rate
(the rate at which your body burns fuel) so
that I can keep you alive.

I know right, stupid body, you were doing so
well. Argh!!!

So this is the reason I am doing a cleanse
right now, as it works as a metabolic re-set.

I am changing the calories that are going in,
I am changing the fuel that is going in, so
no alcohol, sugars, processed foods and a set
protocol of intake and specially selected
supplements to support my body and be able to
break through the physiological cravings and
allow my body to find it’s balance and help
to support the immune system.

I am also taking out any intense exercise and
only walking, doing yoga and meditation. I
will admit it’s a little bit strange not
working out but this new protocol I am
working with is designed to particularly
target belly fat which is my most stubborn

And while this process is not actually
focused on the weight loss at all (it’s
likely there will be some as an added bonus)
The focus and the mindset around doing the
cleanse is to really work on a ‘feeling’, to
support and show some love to the body rather
than using restriction as a tool to punish.

I wanted to break free from the sugar
cravings that were creeping back in. I wanted
to feel energized and fully support my body
in being able to level up.

This process should only be completed every
12-16 weeks or so as we should always be
working to fuel the body, not starve it.

I have set myself some big fitness challenges
for next year which include a 12hour and a
marathon distance obstacle races and I want
to support my body so that it can perform at
it’s best, or maybe just so that I don’t die

So if you have come to a sticking point, it
may be time for you to switch it up and a
cleanse is a great way to do that.

It’s also why I am a fan of switching up
exercise too, maybe you need to add in a
little more cardio, maybe you need to add in
more strength work.

Look at where you are at and evaluate what
you could change it up.

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Emma ‘ For The Long Haul’ Colsey-Nicholls

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