Did It Happen Again??

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Oct 17

Was it another week of doing oh so well with
your diet and workouts and it all went to pot
at the weekend?

Well don’t beat yourself up about it too
much, because you are defiantly not alone
there, and it’s something I have struggled
with for MANY years.

It was the number one response from my “I
Have A Question’ email, and so I am going to
be covering this very subject one the first
Facebook live session.

I have got so much content from your replies,
I am super hyped to deliver these, because I
now know it’s the stuff you are struggling
with the most. So a BIG thank you to everyone
that took the time to reply. I loved reading
them all.

So first up on this week’s first live session

How To Weekend Proof Your Mindset – And Stop
Sabotaging Your Results

Yea we all know how often cheat meals turn
into complete and utter binges.

You end up moving less, eating and drinking
more, come Monday morning you step on the
scales and start crying into your special K
and promise yourself you will do better, try
harder, eat less and workout more this
week!!! Rarrrr, BEAST MODE ON!!

Yeah right, how well is that cycle working
for you right now??

So this Thursday I will be sharing my top
mindset hacks and nutrition tips that are
super easy to apply and will help catapult
you out of your weekend binge cycle and start
making better body breakthroughs without
feeling like you have to live like a hermit.

Yes I do still love and enjoy drinking Beer!!
The tools that I use are all about living the
life you want whilst still waking up on a
Monday morning feeling like you are making
progress and moving forward instead of being
STUCK and p!ssed off with yourself.

I really hope you will come and join my live
on the fanpage Thursday 20th Oct at 8pm GMT

You can expect the live feed to last for
approximately 10 minutes and I will also be
answering any questions you may have along
the way.

Emma “Going Live’ Colsey-Nicholls

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