The Power In The Now

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Sep 29

Mindset and mindfulness is such a huge part
of my own journey and that of what I teach to
my Focused Mind, Fierce Body clients, but
what does it even mean to become more
mindful? And how the hell can it help you
gain more confidence and happiness with your
own body??

Mindfulness is about having an awearness of
your thoughts, how you feel about those
thoughts and what actions you take as a

And through my own process of learning more
about this aspect of our behaviours, I have
been in the place of completely over thinking
every little thing, to the point I felt it
was almost sending me a little overwhelmed.

But over time and with practice and guidance
from my own coaches and studying I have come
to realise that you actually start to receive
a greater sense of being, by realising that
the actions should not be forced and often
just the awearness is enough.

We get so caught up in the past, things that
have happened, wins that can empower us and
failures that can dampen our spirit. Yet the
only power we truly have is in the hear and
now, right here in the present moment.

So how does that airy fairy nonsense
translate to you and the results you have in
your life??

So a simple and very trivial example of my
own experience this morning.

I had set my schedule of my day, what I would
be doing, when I would work out etc
So as time to workout approaches, I caught
myself procrastinating. You know what I mean
finding every other job to do, other than
going to workout. Yep!!! And I love fitness
and I still do it.

So being mindful is about catching that
behaviour and just asking ok what’s going on
here?? Why am I putting this off?? Truth is I
didn’t even have any answers and in fact I
didn’t need any. All I needed was the
awearness that I was procrastinating rather
than ignoring I was doing it.

Then the simple action I choose is to go and
workout as I realise that the power is in the
here and now. If I want to continue to
improve my fitness (if I want to achieve my
muscle up Mission) then I get to workout, and that is
what I now CHOOSE to do.

As I go to workout I remember that in my
workouts, is the perfect place to practice
being present and something so simple that I
learned from reading ‘Practicing the power of
now’ – Eckhart Tolle

That when you are doing something to give it
your full attention. Give your workout your
full attention. How your body feels, how you
are breathing, take in your surroundings (and
fuck me yes I will breathe in that view on my
morning workouts), how are your energy
levels, how does the workout make you feel,
how does the music make you feel?

Like you would in a meditation disregard and
let go of all other thoughts that enter your
mind and be present at what’s in front of

The power is in the here and now!!!

This may be a trivial and pretty
insignificant example in the grand scheme of
your life, yet how you do one thing is how
you do everything.

How you treat your body is a reflection of
how worthy you feel and how much you love
yourself. Not in an up your own arse kind of
way but rather a level of self respect,
confidence and self belief.

Practice being more mindful. Catch yourself
in the moment that isn’t in line with what
you want to achieve in your life and ask
yourself, what you are thinking? how is that
making you feel? What emotions is it bringing
up? Where do you feel it in your body?

Then consider, did having that awearness
change your response? Did you go ahead guilt
free and the decision make you happier? Did
you find a better option?

You can go on yet another diet, another
workout program doing the same things over
and over again hoping that this time you can
keep the weight off


Consider that all you really need to do is
have a shift in your mindset if you want to
shift your results.

Today is the last 24 hours to get on the final
round of 2016 of the Focused Mind, Fierce
body program as we re-start on Monday.

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If you want a different result, you have to
do something differently.


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