One Question To Never Ask Another Woman

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Sep 22

So yeah I got asked ‘that’ question yesterday.


So yesterday I was chatting to a yoga teacher and she said to me ‘oh are you pregnant’


Erm!?!?! NO!!!!


She continues, oh, I saw you had a little bit of a belly and thought you were sorry.


For me my stomach has always been the area where I hold body fat, I am the typical ‘apple’ shape, and after 2 children this area still has some excess skin and so when I am wearing slightly tighter tops like I was today you can see I still have a mummy tummy excess skin (and yeah a bit of fat there too).


In the past this would have seriously pissed me off, in fact I may have even ended my day with my face in a packet of sweets in an attempt to tell myself that would make me feel better.


Today it actually didn’t really bother me, and this has simply come for doing the work on ME.


I have a love and appreciation for my body, I’m still strong, I can still move, I can run pretty far, I can do more chin up’s than most women I know.


I have brought 2 amazing kids (though slightly annoying from time to time) into this world and I am proud of many of the things I have achieved, heck I came 3rd woman in the open heats at Spartan Beast this year. I am a fucking badass!!!


You see you will only be offended by something that someone says, if it is something that you believe about yourself.


When you work on your self, other people’s opinion of you is like water off a ducks back.


I actually couldn’t give a flying fuck about what other people think of me, but it has taken quite a bit of work to get to this place.


I am happy, I am me and my mummy tummy does not define me as a person, my fitness levels or my success.


It’s part of who I am, part of my journey and part of what it’s taken for me to get to where I am.


Am I at my final destination yet?? Hell, I hope not, in fact I probably don’t ever want to be at a place where I have ‘made it’


I want to be continually making me and my life better and better all of the time.


I am continually making my body, fitter, leaner, stronger and I improve every single day.


When you get to this place with your mindset, the pressure is off.


You aren’t doing the fitness and eating healthy stuff to prove anything to anyone else, you start doing it for YOU, for how it makes you FEEL, for how it makes you be able to show up in the rest of your life.


How do you feel about your body right now?? Do you feel like it affects how you show up in life??


Do you feel a lack of confidence because of the way that your body looks??


I believe getting what you want in life all starts with the body, how you fuel it, how you treat it, the levels of energy you have in your body will show up with the level of energy you have for life.


For me it’s no longer about wanting 6 pack abs, being on a constant diet, restricting food, hating on my body to only end up binging on sweets and feeling shit about how I look and being stuck in this constant cycle.


I simply want to feel happy, confident, strong, motivated. I want to feel full of energy I want to be constantly taking on new challenges and experiences and every day realizing a little more of how capable awesome I am, how awesome life is when you actually start living it instead of just existing.


I also want to have a beer and cake every now and then without feeling guilty about it.


Do you want more of that for yourself??


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Emma ‘Not Pregnant’ Colsey-Nicholls


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