Are You KIDDING Me??

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Sep 14

I was literally smiling when I realised this.

When I first started out with one of my
mentors some 5 years ago. One of the tasks we
were set was to go through the process of the
perfect day.

To map out and gain some clarity around what
we wanted our perfect day to look like.

Back then I hadn’t even imagined that it
would be here in the mountains.

But yesterday this memory of going through
this process popped into my mind as I was lay
on my yoga mat after a run out with the dogs,
doing some stretching and some meditation
with the sun beating down on my face.


Because wholly shitballs I was actually
living it. This is it!!!

I had been up at 5am to work, I frame my day
(using part of my daily roundhouse protocols,
more on that coming up very soon) and had got
some work done before the kids got up.

I was feeling focused and fierce for sure.

Now everything is all coming together. Yes
there are still areas that I want to give
more work and focus, but man, life has
transformed in a pretty big way, and I can
only see even more awesomeness.

Certainly more awesome once we can actually
find somewhere to live long term, but hey
there have to be some challenges to make it
feel all the more worth while right? It’s all
part of the process.
I am now sooooo excited for next years
retreat, every time I step onto the balcony I
am just in such awe of the breath taking
views. These same views that you could also
be waking up to.

Imagine yourself here waking up feeling
revatilsed ready for your morning movement
session to awaken your body before you have a
deliciously nutritious breakfast and then
ready to go and adventure in the mountains
with us.

I have just recruited a chef and the
questions I am asking right now are, how can
this be even better??

She just totally get’s my whole vision for
creating amazing meals that are designed to
delight your tastebuds, yet completely
nurture your body.

Working with a chef does mean that I had my
pricing slightly out, so for those that have
booked on already you got a seriously
cracking deal.

Because of this I am going to be increasing
prices at the end of this week.

Relax and Revive Retreat dates are 11th-14th
May 2017
I have 3 places left on the early bird price
of £397
Pay a £50 deposit to secure your place before
Sunday and then 8 monthly payments of £44
(hit reply now to grab this offer before it
goes only 3 places)
On Sunday (or when the 3 places go) price
goes up to £497 if booking before 30th
November, and then full price is £597
For 3 nights 4 days here in French Alps you
– Transfer to and from Geneva airport
– Full board service, which includes
breakfast, lunch and 2 course evening meal.
– One to one discovery session with me. Work
out where the resistance is in your life and
dig into the area you want to continue to
– 2 movement and/or meditation sessions a day
– Transformational workshops on nutrition,
fitness and mindset
– Sauna
– Hot tub
– Trekking for all levels
-Time to explore the mountains
– Compelling conversation with other
wonderful likeminded females who are ready to
step away and enjoy the pure bliss of the
mountains and mother nature.

You also have the option for treatments at an
additional cost which can all be carried out
in our in house therapy room.

This is going to be an incredible experience
and I can’t wait to see you here.

Get in touch now if you want one of the 3 early
bird spaces
Emma ‘Welcome To My Heaven’ Colsey-Nicholls
PS – Got any questions?? Get in touch

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