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Aug 28

So as summer is coming towards a close it’s the perfect time to get that feeling of being ‘back on track’


Yeah and I’m one of those people.


I have had a rollercoaster of a summer, been to some awesome events, living back with the parents for a month and then upping and moving to France.


With the added stress of the sale of my old businesses falling through, TWICE, I have felt the pressure at times I can tell ya.


The result……


I’ve eaten a little more


I’ve drunk a little more


I have let go and partied a little more.


You see I always talk about creating a life of balance.


One that is balanced with YOU as priority, with your body, with how you feel within your relationships and those around you and how driven/focused you are within your business or your career.


But in truth does this balance really exist??


In a way yes as I am now always conscious of each of these areas of my life, but when life happens, shit shows up you have to be able to shift and adapt.


You move your focus to one area more than others, and you know what?? It’s ok to do that.


Life is not only about creating balance, it’s about creating one that flows and one that’s enjoyable and one that carries the least amount of stress.


At least that is the philosophy I work with


So one thing I am sure to do is be very grateful for everything that I have experienced this summer, the good and the bad, there has been a ton of lessons learned and sometimes shit is going to hit the fan, especially when you make the decision to level up your life.


Things show up to challenge you, test you and push you to take that leap of faith to see just how committed you are to having something.


So as I am sat here now in this gorgeous Chalet I am bringing my attention to the next chapter, the what’s next and how I can create even more awesomeness.


So my nutrition and training has all been about maintenance over the last 2 months as I took my attention to deal with my business and also having an awesome summer with the husband and the kids.


So hell yes I feel ready to bring the body back into my focus.




Because when my nutrition and training are on point that is the time when I feel my most focused and fierce.


I have more energy, more motivation I feel good on the inside as well as look good on the outside. Everything starts with the body, having a fit and healthy body better equips you to go out and get everything else you want in your life too.


So this week as I move back towards my daily habits I noticed that the cravings already starting to creep in.


You see cravings can be both psychological and physiological and it’s becoming more a wear of these signals and triggers and then using the best protocols to kick those cravings, get your nutrition back on track and start seeing those results shine through after relaxed lazy summer.


I know I’m not alone on this one, we all get them and they leave your will power literally non existent


So I am combining both the mindset and the nutrition that I use in a 7 day email course starting TOMORROW.


You ready??


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Emma ‘Lets Do This’ Colsey-Nicholls

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