I Needed Help

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Aug 22

Bonjour from France!!


Thank you all so much for all your comments and messages over the last week I really do appreciate every single one of them, and yes it really is as beautiful as it looks out here, we are still on a high.


But as we head out here it hasn’t come without it’s own issues that we have encountered.


In fact at times I have moments of ohhhhhh shittttttt!!


See whilst I am still continuing with delivering my online coaching program The Focused Mind, Fierce Body Formula both my husband and myself have completely given up our other incomes and living off our life long savings.


Scary shit right!!!


Not only that we have created a business that is completely new to us, we are entering the world of hospitality.


Again, having a moment of oh fuck, we are just totally winging it here.


At the minute we are living in our beautiful chalet but come wintertime we have to move out to make way for our guests that will be coming to stay for ski and snowboard holidays.


We had some winter living accommodation sorted but due to BREXIT this has now fallen through and we are back to the drawing board. So yeah in 12 weeks time we are due to be homeless again,


As it gets pretty cold and snowy up here, so I don’t fancy living in a tent for the winter months, brrrrrrrrrr!!!


With having all this to sort out it has become apparent mindset is playing an important role for us.


Instead of looking for problems it’s about training the mind to look for solutions.


And on of our most effective solutions is to ask for help.


It is ok to not be ok; it’s ok to ask for support, you don’t have to know it all, all of the time.


We know a lady out here who has run a super successful chalet company and sold it on for a serious amount of cash. She has also been out here for 15 years and has a lot of connections, plus she speaks the lingo, which is handy too (though I fully intend to get back to my French lessons very soon).


So, we have booked a consult day with her. We are literally going to pick her brains, get her systems, tools, best advice and connections.


You see when you are on the path to try and get somewhere, yes you can probably make it on your own.


BUT, it’s far quicker and much less painful to go and learn from someone who has been there and done it.


It’s why I have always worked with my own mentors, business, fitness and mindset coaches.


Look at any type of person, weather it’s a athlete in the Olympics, a successful business person or just someone looking to shift a few pounds of body fat, 90% of those people will have done it with the help and support of others.


I didn’t get to where I am now on my own. I did it with help and support, if I totted up everything I had spent over the last 10 years of my career it would be in the region of £50,000!!


And you know what it was worth every damn penny!!!


It has gotten me to where I am today, and brought me onto a journey of always experiencing even more.


Not only that, it worked to hold me accountable to doing the work and getting more of what I want in life and actually going and doing it, even when it does seem a little scary.


You deserve to be happy, to live a life that you love experiencing and in a body that supports you and allows you to feel confident and strong.


And this all comes when you address your mindset.


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Emma ‘Ask And You Get’ Colsey-Nicholls


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