Aug 09

So I know I have been a little quiet of late
on the old blog of late.

Truth is, as I have been preparing to move
to France there have been a few bumps along
the road.

Moving everything out of our house and then
moving in with my parents for the last month
has all brought along it’s own challenges.

Plus the fact I have had quite a few weekends

So it’ hasn’t all been struggles, in fact I
have had a pretty epic summer.

You see for me life is ALWAYS about being

That’s all really any of us want, is to be
happy right??

Happiness comes from creating balance, a life
that is exciting full of adventure, a life
that has purpose, a life that has loving
amazing relationships and a kick ass career
doing something I love.

So while I am always conscious to be aware of
all areas, at some times, some things have to
take a bit of a back seat to be able to
maintain that balance.

I was talking about this on my video post
yesterday. CLICK HERE to watch it on the fan
page on taking the path of least resistance.

You see as the kids are off school I have
zero alone time (something I usually
prioritise as it keeps me on fire) meaning
actually getting to sit down and write an
email has just not been happening, BUT I can
always pull out my phone and shoot a quick
video to share some of my own struggles and

So when I can’t stick with my normal routine
I focus on what I CAN do, what IS possible
and how can I make things easier?

Ask what else is possible instead of getting
hung up and stressed out about what you can’t
do or can’t control.

Try asking yourself this question next time
you are feeling a little crazy in your own
life or about the situation you are in.

Once you start searching for the answers to
this question it’s amazing how much lighter
things seem to feel.

So make sure you are following on the fan
page too as I am posting on there daily to
help keep you guys motivated.

I’m also loving instagram stories right now
and sharing what I’m getting up to and will
be showing you all my travels as I now get
ready to leave the country in just 5 days
time. OMG!!! CLICK HERE to follow me on

There are a lot of emotions flying around
right now, I still have so much to get sorted
as the new owners for ECN-Bodyworks and
Metabolic Makeover are all in place and I
know these guys are going to do an amazing
job. It’s getting harder and really real when
saying my goodbyes, yet I’m still so excited
about all that is coming up.

Also having slightly more time off work just
means that I am now just being flooded with
inspiration and new ideas ready and rearing
for the next intake of the Focused Mind,
Fierce Body Formula.

I am now taking applications to start on the
5th September and only have limited places

CLICK HERE to apply for your place now and
find out exactly what this breakthrough
program can do for you.

Emma ‘I’ll Be Back’ Colsey-Nicholls

PS – This is NOT just another weight loss
program, and it’s NOT for everyone. But if
you are serious about wanting to level up,
this program could change your life.


Focused Mind, Fierce Body Formula

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