Is Competition Crushing You?

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Jul 07

Ok so maybe your already saying to yourself
you are not the competitive type.

But how many times have you shied away from
an experience or doing something that was a
little out of your comfort zone for fear of
what others are thinking?

For many it’s a pre-conditioned response and
just part of modern day living in that we
find ourselves being compared and judged
against other people.

As I was out on my run today and listening to
Map My Run woman in my ears telling me my
time splits, I realised that I have come quite
a way since I started out on my mission to
improve my running at the beginning of the

You see I found a love for the sport of
Obstacle Course Racing and while I have
always been quite strong thanks to my other
favourite sport of Pole Fitness. Running was
the side of this sport that was my weakest
area, so I decided that this year I would
do something about that.

When I first started running, my average
pace was around a 10 minute mile and I now
average around 8.5-9.5 minute miles.

Now it’s not about the numbers, I’m not
trying to impress with how fast or slow I am,
the point is that, the only person that I am
in competition with is MYSELF.

The moment I focus on other peoples times I
put myself back into judgment, or “oh I’m
rubbish, I’m not fast enough, I’m not as fit
as them blah blah blah”, plus the fact that
comparing yourself to others take away all of
the enjoyment.

The only thing that really matters to me is
that I was better than when I started out.

This is why I always aim to encourage my
clients to take on some sort of fitness
challenge or even join in some kind of sport.

Because when fitness is fun it’s not such a
bore to keep up with.

I know that we all do compare ourselves to
each other on some level, it’s part of human
nature to be wanted, liked and feel like we
are good enough.

But instead I ask you to change the focus and realise
that you already have lots of awesomness
going on around you.

Start focusing in on, YOU!! What progress are
you making? What are you doing to be
constantly improving?

Maybe you can run, swim, cycle or whatever a
little further, a little faster.

Maybe you can start picking up that heavier

Maybe you started working out an extra day in
the week, heck maybe you just made a start on
with doing any workouts

Maybe you can almost touch your toes.

Maybe you have started to enjoy eating a
little more healthily

The point is that we are all different,
different wants needs and desires.

We are all starting from completely different
places and have our own very personal goals

So take away the comparison and competition
and instead go internal. Discover what it is
that you want with your body goals, what’s it
going to take to get you there, what are the
activities that you most enjoy doing

Start to find more love and appreciation for
yourself just as you are. I always find the
nicer I am to myself the more I want to stay
on track with my nutrition rather than
feeling like ‘I NEED’ to stay strict because
I am punishing myself for ‘being bad’ or
‘going off track’.

Creating the mindset for lasting change is
always about creating your own path, the one
of least resistance, that’s how you claim
your healthier happier lifestyle and one that
you can start to love living again.

How does this email sit with you?? Are you
super judgemental and hard on yourself?? Do
you always compare to others and then beat
yourself up because you are constantly
feeling like you don’t measure up?? Do you
keep putting off just getting started in the
first place?

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Emma Colsey-Nicholls

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