Fill Your Boots

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Jun 28

How often do you save it for best?

Iv done a post on this topic before now but
it’s something that came up for one of my new
members that is just starting out on the
focused mind fierce body formula.

It’s amazing what you notice when you just
start to pay attention. Becoming more
conscious of the actions you take and of
course your reasons why.

You buy nice things for yourself and then
rarely ever use them, saving them ‘for best’
because would you feel guilty using it on a
daily basis because you don’t feel worthy of
using the good stuff.

My philosophy for getting more of what you
want is pretty simple. Find the things that
make you feel good, that make you smile that
fill your heart with love, gratitude and joy
and just do more of that.

Fill up your boots with happiness

So use up the good stuff that you have been

Wear your favorite clothes more often

Spend more time with friends and loved ones
instead of waiting for special occasions

Go on more adventures and tick those items
off your bucket list.

Life is for living to its fullest and you are
designed to be happy so stop blocking the
feeling of happy and realise that you are
worth it.
With so much negativity in the media since
last Friday’s announcement on the EU referendum
you may well
believe that the country is in crisis.

It’s all just more BS propaganda.

Switch off the news and take control of how
you feel on a daily basis, you are the only
one that controls your life and how it turns

I workout because it’s helps me to feel good,
so I keep wanting to do more

I eat healthily to nourish my body and fuel
it to be it’s best

I meditate because it helps me reduce stress
and keep focused

I practice being more conscious because it
leads me to learn, grow and get more of what
I desire

There is already enough hate and anger flying
around after last week and so YOU get to be
the person that spreads a little love and
happiness in your world.

A world where every day you get to choose to
live with excitement and adventure.

So what adventures excite you right now and
what are you doing to pursue them??

Adventures in your fitness mission?
Adventures in your relationships?
Adventures in discovering more of yourself as
well as the world?

Be more you, follow your passion and fill
your boots with the things that are awesome
to you, even if it means using your ‘best’
stuff every damn day if it makes you feel

Emma ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’ Colsey-Nicholls

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