Bag It, Bin It, De-Clutter Your Life

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Jun 23

In our hectic modern day lives we hang on to
a hell of a lot of clutter.

And I’m talking mental and emotional clutter
as well a physical junk.

I was actually laughing at my friend the
other day.

We were at a wedding and she was collecting
little wedding tit bits and was taking them
home to put in her special wedding box. Yes
she has keepsakes from every wedding she goes

While yes I see the sentiment, I also see it
as just more clutter to add to already
cluttered life.

And believe me I am one to talk if you could
see my office right now you would be
horrified, I am one messy mo fo!!


As well as coaching my clients I also
continue to work on myself.

And at the moment a lot of my focus is going
into getting organised.

Getting organised with my training

Organised with my meals

Organised with my business

Creating systems for my life to help it run
with more ease

So this is definite work in progress but it’s
actually pretty liberating.

Especially as we are moving soon and I’m am
being ruthless with the amount of things that
are heading for the bin and the charity shop.

Because seriously why are you still hanging
on to it??

Are you hanging onto and hoarding old clothes

Old documents (I had bank statements that
were 10 years old wtf!!!!)

What old thoughts and beliefs are you holding
on to?

We hold onto these things out of guilt (oh I
spent ££££ on such and such I ‘should’ hang
on to it’ or the ‘what if I need it’

Or are you still holding on to comments that
someone said to you years back that is still
having a charge on you??

Holding onto the crap really makes no sense
at all

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed when your
life is surrounded by crap too

Give yourself permission to start letting it
go of anything that doesn’t bring you joy

Start a fresh and commit to giving yourself
space for new ideas, new opportunities, let
go and know that even better is coming when
you just allow the space for it.

I’m already pretty excited as I start my
de-cluttering and literally getting rid of
most of my possessions.

And as I de-clutter more it’s my intention to
stay that way.

I just have to convince my husband and kids
to offer a little support in this process, as
at the minute for the thought of giving up
his toys is not going down too well with my

Even if you have things that you feel you
can’t give away, then car boot them or get
them on eBay

I have sold about £500 worth of stuff that
was just, stuff, it that was lying around the
house and hadn’t been used in years.

De-cluttering both physically and emotional
is incredibly empowering and it’s the focus
for this months bonus training for my Focused
Mind, Fierce Body peeps.

As we looked at prioritising and time
blocking items last month, (people coming on
today can still access that) it leads on
nicely to de-cluttering.

Decluttering your mind, body and sole to get
more of what you want, the life you want and
the happiness you deserve.

Click here and start your deculttering process
with my 7 Day Mind Body Re-Set

Emma ‘Cluttered To Clear” Colsey-Nicholls

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