Make It Happen

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Jun 21

So I just posted a video on the topic of
where there is a will there is a way.

If you really want something then is it time
to stop with all the BS excuses and make it

Today my plans when out the window, because
you know what, that can happen when you have

In fact it can just happen with life in
general, shit gets in the way and throws you
off track.

So today it was my intention to get up and do
my workout first thing.

And actually I woke up feeling pretty tired.

Monday night is of course Game Of Thrones
night, man I freeking love that program.

And then after and intensely gripping episode
of battle of the bastards, I really geeked it
up and watch Thronecast to get any insider
goss and run down.

Anyhow I was totally gripped and so I ended
up going to bed a tad later than usual.

Meaning morning comes and felt super tired. I
contemplated staying in bed and just worrying
about my workout later.

But then I mustered up the motivation to move
my ass and get up.

Just as I had convinced myself that working
out first thing was defiantly a good idea, up
pops a chirpy chappy and shouting Mummy and
proceeding to cling to me.

Anyways, the odds were against me and the
workout didn’t happen.

I then had a morning of one to one session
and a coaching calls, all the while even
though I had scheduled out my day I was still
umm’ing and arring about weather I really had
time to workout.

It’s so easy to make excuses and buy into all
the reasons why you can’t

Yet actually when you can just flip your
thinking and your mindset, it’s just as easy
to create ways that you CAN, and often it’s
as simple as asking yourself

“What do I want?”

When you are clear about what you want, there
is always a way to make it work.

Seriously, ALWAYS, it’s just about finding a
way that works for you

Even though I really wasn’t feeling it today,
I created the time and I got my workout done
in the end because I am worth making myself a
priority, and you know what.

It makes me feel epic.

After my workout I feel a surge of energy, I
feel motivated to do my other tasks, I feel
inspired to be more creative, In fact working
out just helps me to be more kick ass.

I can now get my work done and get ready to
go and take clayton on a mummy and son

It’s been my intention for some time to have
more one on one time with the kids, again I
am finding ways to make this happen and
create balance in my life.

Because life gets to be awesome if you choose
to create it that way

So what excuses or blocks do you have right

I know for you, they are not excuses, they
are totally valid reasons I do understand,
I’v been there for years too.

But you can choose to either let those
excuses keep holding you back


You can choose to find another way to work
around them.

I have just been doing a big round of
coaching with my guys and some pretty big
light bulb moments, which sometimes you just
need someone to help you find the way around
that is going to help you shift.

If you have had enough of listening to your
own bullshit and really want to make some
changes, then I’m here ready to walk your
through it and make some big ass

Only if you are ready to quit the constant
self destruction you are stuck in right now.

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body re-set

Emma ‘Mother Of Dragons’ Colsey-Nicholls

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