Scratch Card Winnings, Lucky B**ch

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Jun 16

The more people I tell about our up and
coming move to France I usually get the
common response of

“Oh your so lucky”


‘I wish I could have an opportunity like

Is that what people really think that it
comes down to??


I am a firm believer that really anything is

Like seriously anything, regardless of the
stories you are telling yourself right now
about the reasons you don’t have it already
it’s all BULLSHIT

Yes that one is a bit shouty because I am
passionate about helping women to get their
heads out of their backsides and stop waiting
for someone to come and hand it to you on a

You can keep on dreaming of that winning
scratch card.

And yes that feeling of winning would be
freeking awesome, in fact I know exactly how
it feels.

Well at least I did for about 30 seconds as
the husband left one of those joke scratch
cards by my bedside the other day.

When I scratched it, it was showing that I
had won £100,000.


He really had me going, I was literally
shaking and telling him to get a flight back
from work because we were winners. Evil,

But anyway I digress.

The point is, you are probably never going to
win the lottery.

You are never going to be given a magic pill
that will take away your weight issues

Very rarely does anything get handed to you
on a plate.

And you know what it’s a GOOD thing.

Did you know that 70% of lottery winners end
up broke again within a few years?


Because they don’t feel worthy of having the
money, they give it away and spend it on
frivolous things.

What if you didn’t need the lottery win to be

What if you could create your own
happiness, what if you could believe that you
ARE enough and you really can make ANYTHING

We all know it’s not the money that makes you
happy, but more about how you CHOOSE to live
your life.

Happiness is a choice

You can choose to be motivated and willing to
do the work to get you what you want.

Yes there are some exceptions of super
intelligent, but for the most part, people
who are successful at anything, are just
willing to put in the work required.

Do the work, constantly learn, grow and
expand, even when things don’t go exactly to
plan, they learn again, adjust and keep on
going remaining consistent despite any failures.

Do you want more for your life than you have
right now??

More happiness?

More freedom?

Less stress?

A healthier leaner body?

The Focused Mind, Fierce Body Formula is NOT
just another weight loss program.

It’s a 90 day LIFE transformation program.

It’s an almighty kick up the backside to
support you in getting the life and the body
that you want.

Because YOU are the only person that can
create that.

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Emma ‘Winner Winner’ Colsey-Nicholls


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