4 Steps To Kick More A$$

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Jun 09

I’m pumped to be packing my bags again and
heading away for a few days.


This time it’s to Italy as my next Spartan
race if finally here. I have never been to
Italy so I’m pretty damn excited.

I have had some mixed feelings in the run up
to this race as I have upped my running
training significantly.

Now I have always professed that I am not a
natural runner and it’s not my favourite way
to train, however, when I set off on this
years mission of Spartan races my intention
was to improve my running as I felt it way my
weakest part when it come to competing in
Obstacle Course Races (OCR’s)

So why the mixed feelings?? Well first off I
can feel the self judgement and criticism
rise in, possibly a bit if fear too ‘what if
I’m still shit at running even after all this

Blah Blah Blah

Yes I do still have these bullshit ridiculous
thoughts, though I now no longer let them
control my life or hold me back, I see them
for what they are. Total BS!!

I have done 10 weeks and have run between 4-6
run sessions a week which for me is a lot and
it means that some of my other training has
taken a back seat.

Sessions like pole and calisthenics have been
pretty limited. And this is the thing, it’s
taking my training away from the forms that I
love the most and so it’s something that I am
struggling with as I don’t feel quite as
strong, but yet I’m running much faster than I
have ever run before.

And also to make a side note here on the
argument for strength v’s cardio I haven’t
dropped a single pound despite running some
weeks 6 times a week!!!!

And why strength training rocks for getting
you in peak shape

So there is as always a lesson to be learn
from this!!

I defiantly want to create more balance in my
training so there is more of a mix of
strength and cardio work.

My philosophy is to find what makes you feel
Focused and Fierce and just do more of that.

This is a 4-step process I use on myself and
with my Focused Mind, Fierce Body clients

1# Practice
2# Evaluate
3# Learn
4# Tweak = Be able to kick more ass!!!! Boom!!

That is how we progress, it’s how we
constantly evolve to create more awesomeness,
it’s how we become unstoppable at getting ALL
of the things we want in life

I’m actually loving how much running is
keeping me focused and gives me headspace, but
I also love how strength training sparks up
my fierce side and can also get kick ass
results with much shorter workout times.

So I now get to create a program that keeps
me committed to ALL of the above awesomeness
without burning out, oh and still being able to
have a life and do the other things that I

Creating that balance can be tricky to find and
it can take some testing out.

So moving forward, I will of course see what
the outcome is on Saturday when it comes to
race day and how I perform.

(Be sure to follow me on the fan page to get
all of my live updates as the weekend progresses

But as I will then be on the next phase of
preparation for my 20k+ Beast race in July
it’s my opportunity to continue to optimise
my training to be my absolute best, but also
continue with a program that I am enjoying.

And that is the biggy, find what you enjoy
and it’s easier to keep on going. Ignore what
everyone else is doing and just focus on what
YOU want, and what it will take to get you

Emma ‘Keep It Awesome’ Colsey-Nicholls

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