Do You Trust The Gut?

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

Jun 07

Are you an indecisive MoFo?


Weather it’s small decision as to what to wear on a night out, what to choose to eat from the menu.


To bigger decisions such as buying a house, going for the promotion or choosing the right coaching program to help you achieve your big ass goals.


I know I have struggled with decisions in the past.


Though I have always been quite impulsive when it comes to my own life goals, I defiantly an action taker and I’m not scared of taking risks, hell I started the process of opening my own fitness studio when I was 6 months pregnant, the thought of how I would cope didn’t phase me, I knew I would somehow make it work.


And like right now, as I am getting ready to sell my beloved fitness studio and move to France.


I love my business and I love my clients yet I know that this move is completely the right thing for me to do right now.


I am ready to push my limits and move on and create an even more epic level of awesomeness


Yet when it comes to going on a night out in the past I have found myself always asking what other people are wearing.


Any time we find ourselves struggling to come to a decision about something is simply due to a lack of trust.


Trust in yourself


We are conditioned by society to want to fit it, to not be the oddball or odd one out in a group. Worried what people will think of us.


While I have no problem making business decisions I do still find myself with this feeling of wanting to fit in.


However this is something I have been working on within myself for some time.


The less emphasis I place on other people’s opinions, the happier I am.


And to hell with fitting in, what about being the person that stands out and embraces all of their differences, how awesome would that be to just be able to accept who you are and totally rock it on every level??


I now leaning into my own intuition more and more and I’m trusting myself, it’s something of a process like anything else and the more I do it the more confident I get.


Even trusting yourself to get it wrong too, no every decision you make will turn out the way you had hoped, but knowing that it’s your decision and you are the one that is owning it not only leaves you feeling more empowered but it leaves you feeling more at ease.


This is one of the best tools I have learned to use as I delve more and more into the power of mindset is just being able to listen and trust yourself


You already know the answers, it’s just the fears that surround them that keep your questioning and judging the decision.


Trust and just go!!, It takes away the constant conflict and internal battling and create more flow but also more action!!


And lets face it, how long have you been putting things off because you can’t make a decision?


The only thing that is standing in the way of getting what you want, is the action you take.


Trust yourself, listen to your gut and then go and take the action.


If you have been following me for any amount of time, find yourself nodding or agreeing with my posts and video’s, how many actions have you actually taken on them?


If it feels like a good fit for you, the NOW is the time to go for it,


My program is centred around YOU levelling up your entire life, with your body, your mindset, your relationships and your career. Because every one of these areas matters if you are serious about creating a life with more awesomeness.


I’m committed to awesome…..are you??


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Emma ‘Focused and Fierce’ Colsey-Nicholls



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