How You Start Your Day Matters

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May 31

Ever had one of those days where you get up late as you knocked snooze off your alarm, you stumble out of bed, stub your toe on the way into the bathroom, to then get toothpaste on your top and all this before leaving the house.


The rest of the day then just turns into shit and it’s one small disaster after another.


So yes we could say that this is the law of attraction and you are simply attracting all these negative things because of the negative energy you are putting out into the universe.


But I get that it is a little to woo woo and out there for a lot of people, yet I know you have probably all experienced one of these days at some point, right?


So weather you buy into the law of attraction or not, there has to be something going on there.


And I know for a lot of women who are struggling with their bodies and failed dieting, one crappy day can easily lead into another and before you know it the weeks and months are passing by and you can’t shift out of the can’t be bothered, it’s too hard, I’ll just give up mindset.


Your bad day is determined by your mindset and your perceptions.


From the moment that you stub your toe, you have decided that that day would be a bad one.


Once you make that decision you are declaring to yourself that it’s……. ‘going to be one of those days’…..


And guess what?? It will be exactly that, because without even realising it you have set up the intentions, so you will seek it out, you will look for the bad in every situation because you have already decided it’s going to be a bad day.


And yes the crappy days are even harder to deal with when you are in a crappy mood.


So shifting this and having more kick ass days than bad ones is about setting yourself up for the feel good factor first thing in the morning.


How you start your day matters!!!


Now everyone is different and it will be a matter of how YOU decide to set up your power morning and it’s something we work on in the Focused Mind, Fierce body program.


So look at what is your current routine and how well is it serving you?


Do you wake up easily at the first alarm? OR are you hitting the snooze button 4,5,6 times before your haul your ass out of bed?


Do you check Facebook, social media and emails first thing in the morning and come off it feeling pissed of at someone who has annoyed you or read another devastating news story?


Does it take you a few hours and a good few doses of caffeine before you can get going?


Do you feel rushed and harassed as you try and get out of the door in time?


Do you skip breakfast?


My own personal morning routine can shift from time to time yet there are a few things that I use with myself and with clients that can help to shift the mindset and the focus to having more kick ass feel good days, so lets look at a few of the above points.


  1. Getting up easily with your alarm, or even better waking up before it.


So getting up in time can be factored by many things, what time you go to bed, the quality of your sleep, good nutrition and hydration as well as daily exercise can all help you to get a good nights sleep.


  1. Morning social suicide.- If your anything like me, one of the first things I do in the morning is look at my phone. I would actually benefit even more if I stopped doing this and just got up out of bed but as a social media addict, I actually do enjoy having a snoop around before I get out of bed but there are a few things I have in place.


First off, I am very selective about who I follow on social media.


If they are miserable, annoying or constantly moaning, then those posts get hidden or sometimes I just delete. Your time and energy is precious, your don’t need that negativity in your life and it simply isn’t serving you.


I make sure that I click the ‘see first’ on the most positive influences who I look up to and follow daily. The people who share their inspirational message so that it shows up first on my newsfeed. So of course make sure you click that on my posts haha


I would recommend cutting out social media first thing but I still find myself doing it too, so for now the above point can be practiced until you can wean yourself off it (always got to practice what I preach).


  1. Set your intentions for the day. It may be in the form of an affirmation, positive quote or just take note of something that you are grateful for. I like to do a short journal or even just asking myself the question, ‘how can my day be more awesome?’


  1. Breathe. I don’t always meditate first thing in the morning and in fact this morning whilst writing this post I notice the feeling of rush and wanting to get it in before the kids got up. So I just closed my eyes and took some time to breathe and breathe deeply. Even if it’s just for 5-7 breathes, doing this helps to create some space mentally and actually shifted the feeling of rushing and stress to feeling more at ease and in flow. But if you can meditate in the morning, it really will transform your day.


  1. Exercise – Most mornings I will get up and exercise first thing. If there is one thing that makes you feel epic, it’s a good workout. Even if you don’t feel like doing it at the time, you will ALWAYS feel 1000000 times better once it’s done, and for me it’s really sets up my day feeling positive and strong. Some days if the kids are up early or I’m feeling a little tired I sometimes skip it for later in the day, but be sure to fit some kind of movement into to your day, at a time that works for you.


  1. Information overload – In line with limiting morning social media, checking my emails first thing is something that I have shifted. I now no longer check my emails until after lunchtime. Whilst my inbox is mostly filled with motivational and business information I also have to deal with and support my clients and I am best at doing that once I have served myself first.


Also getting an email from someone wanting to cancel their membership first thing in the morning again is a sure fire way to upset my flow. I can process and deal with this in a positive and reflective way once my energy and focus is right.


So this is all about setting up what works for you, so you can start the day winning.


Start the day feeling good and you are far more likely to achieve more of the things you want and make you feel unstoppable.


Yes there will still be crappy and challenging days from time to time, but you get to reflect on those and take lessons as part of your journey.


This is just one of the many powerful tools that you will discover on the Focused Mind, Fierce Body Formula.


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