Get On A Roll And Make It Easier

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

May 19

A lot of my posts of late are about running
and that is because it’s what my training
involves a lot of right now, I simply take a
lesson from everything I do in my own life
and share it with you guys.

I am just an average woman with a passion for
creating my best body and life and I share
this passion with a aim to inspire you to go
and create your own amazing results.

So yesterday I was up at 5 and on that damn

I do always find treadmill runs a battle
mentally, to really push myself it’s so much
easier when outdoors just simply because I’m
an outdoorsy type person.

Any way, as I did my warm up I notice that my
warm up speed has increased massively.

I used to start at pace 8, then it was 10,
now I can find that I can run quite
comfortably run at pace 12.

Like anything in life, it’s the getting
started that is the hardest part.

Starting out feels slow, hard, it feels
challenging and there is still a lot of self
doubt that surrounds your intentions.

BUT I kept on going, kept on putting on my
trainers, putting in the effort and going the
distance day after day. Once you get on a
roll, it just gets easier to keep on rolling.

And this applies to everything you set out to
do, exercising, eating well, self-development
etc are all easier to keep going than they
are to get started.

So how DO you get started?

It all starts with a decision that you really
want more.

The process I use in the Focused Mind, Fierce
Body Formula we take that initial decision
and start with setting a goal, what do you
want to achieve? What does success in that
area look like for you?

And when you think about that, get super
clear. Close your eyes and imagine what that
will look like, what will it feel like, what
will you do, how will you act, how will you
feel when you experience your goal?

Feel it, taste it, hear it, see it, be it.

Now write out that goal in detail, write it
somewhere that you can refer to it regularly
then set to work on taking action.

Think of your progress as the analogy of
setting out on a run.

Day one, you may get to the end of the
street, day two you get round the block day
you may go round twice, every day you get a
little bit stronger, faster and better than
the day before

Keep the momentum by every day reviewing your
goal and recording what you did to move
towards it on that previous day. Visualise
that goal regularly and every day just do a
little more.

You can do it

You were born to win, you were born to be
more, live the life that you deserve and live
to win.

Want to start realising your goals??

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Emma ‘Going further’ Colsey-Nicholls

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