You Don’t Need This

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

May 17

Truth is you don’t NEED this or any other
fitness program out there

It’s never about NEEDING something, you get
to realise that it’s always a choice for
WANTING better or refusing to settle.

So as I have mentioned in previous posts that
I have taken on a running coach, it’s an
online training program so I can follow along
at a schedule that works for me.

It’s why I’m such a big fan of online and why
I created my own online programs.

Online programs just work well extremely
well, they allow flexibility without having
to compromise on accountability or support.

Anyway the point is, that taking on this
training program was a little wake up and
something of a kick up the backside for sure.

You see I am an easygoing kind of gal and I
was being a little too easy going with my own

Yes I would train regularly, but I was never
really pushing myself

I think we all put off really pushing, because of
the fear that surrounds failure.

You don’t want to fail so you just never put
yourself out there, you never commit to
going balls deep.

So this year for my Spartan training I
decided I would go all in and really aim to
push my ability.

I’ve even entered for the European championship
which was actually a bit of an accident or
maybe the universe is also calling for me to
stop pissing around and go all in.

I started to get excited about the thought of
‘what else is possible for me’

I have run these races before, the distance
and type of race is not an issue. I’m fit and
I’m strong but in the past I would just fumble my
way through the training with no real plan or
schedule especially when it came to my weak
point which is my running I would simply do
a run a week and then hope for the best on race

Fast-forward 2 months on my training schedule
and I am now running 6 days a week!!! Doing a
mix of intervals, speed runs, hill runs, long
runs and some circuit based runs.

PLUS I’m still teaching sessions and doing
strength-training sessions too on top of

So yes it’s pretty safe to say that I have
upped my game, especially when running is not
my favourite thing to do.

I have no idea what the outcome of this
training will be, maybe I will still be shit
at running, maybe I will still run a mediocre
race and well hey that’s not the end of the


Maybe….. just maybe, all the work I am
putting in now will actually result in me
having my best ever race??

It was actually my fellow Spartan chick Vicky
who got me thinking on this subject. When I
showed her the training plan I had been set
her response was, wellllll, it’s not really
necessary is it??

And truth is, no it’s not

I could do what I do every year and just
fumble my way through the race.

Life is far easier fumbling along

But do you ever get that moment of, what if??

What if you actually just tried a little bit

What if you just pushed yourself beyond that
comfort zone?

What if I you could really start to believe
that you are capable of so much more??

Capable of a better body

Capable of a better lifestyle

Worthy of living and amazing kick ass life

Or continue to play it safe, stay comfortable and carry
on exactly as you are

If you want something different, you have to
DO something different, get fucking excited
on life and stop settling for ordinary and
choose a life that’s extraordinary

Hell yeah!!

Emma ‘Needy’ Colsey-Nicholls

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