The Selfish B*tch

By Emma Colsey-Nicholls | Uncategorized

May 11

For any hard working mother it can seem like
a selfish act to make yourself a number one

Even if you don’t have kids, do you still
find yourself running around after everyone

I get it, iv got 2 kids of my own and I would
give up everything for them if I had to, but
bear with me here as I suppose I have always
been pretty selfish yet I know how hard some
people will find this concept.

This email was actually inspired as one of my
coaching clients was having some resistance
showing up with getting her workouts in,
mainly because she was riddled with guilt for
thinking of herself.

It’s a common situation for hard working

I used to be there too. Putting myself at the
back of the queue Sorting the kids, running
around to kids clubs, work, taking care of
clients, getting on with everything else on
my to do list before spending any time (if I
had any left) thinking about my own wants and

This only meant that I was continually pissed
of and fed up of going round and round in
circles and never actually making any real

I’m going to ask you to start doing one
thing, and start doing it now!!

Look after number #1. That’s YOU

Yes, for real.

Think about it like this…..

Remember the last time you were on a plane
and actually paid attention to the cabin

“Fit your own oxygen mask before helping


But it makes total sense right? You are
absolutely NO help to anyone else if you are

You simply have to sort yourself out before
you can be of any help to others.

Do that and things start to shift big time.

Creating the time for you, to workout so you
feel good, feel energized, feel confident
will actually make you a better mum.

A better role model to your kids, your family
your friends

It will help you perform better at work

Exercise and being healthier makes you feel

Remind yourself that you ARE important, you,
your dreams, your ambitions and what you care
about Do matter, and it’s about time you
allowed yourself to be the priority, if you
ever want to be truly happy.

Looking after number 1 is actually a selfless
act. Once you have your shit together, you
then have the power to become an even bigger
impact on the people around you.

You can serve them better because you are on
top form because you saved yourself first.

Emma ‘Selfish Asssss’ Colsey-Nicholls

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how you can program this into your life on
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And become a bit more selfish without having
to piss off everyone that does rely on you

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I stress how important YOU are in your list
of priorities, especially if you have people
that are dependent on you.

Because without you, nothing else happens.

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